BRING Lightwell back in 9.1.5

Please blizzard bring lightwell back for priest in some form please please please!

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ah yes, the lol well, my old flame that nobody ever used correctly, they’d always stand around and click it til it was out of charges if they clicked it ever at all.

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No, we don’t really need useless spells back.
If they ever bring back Lightwell, as mentioned in many previous threads, it should be a totally reworked spell, my suggest would be to work as some kind of AoE ground healing effect like old Sanctuary.

I don’t think they’ll bring back old spells in these new .5 patch. But if they do I would bring back spells like:

  • Sanctuary
  • Cascade

Try running with groups that actually know what they’re doing.

Literal blasphemy. Incredibly useful in coordinated groups. Extra location based health pot would really cool for raiders who drop due to or before location based mechanics where you’re either near it or walk by it (think shards, malevolence, Painsmith intermissions, etc.). The posibilities are endless. Even if you didn’t want something that requires coordination, if you remember, I think Cataclysm had a greater glyph for it that made it automatically heal people who walked near it instead of clicking. You could bring back that one.

Literally no reason to say ‘no’ to such a delicious spell or any additional utility whatsoever.


I mean it was called LOLwell for a reason.
And if they bring the automatic lightwell back then I would instead prefer something like Sanctuary as a passive AoE healing rather than just lightwell.

I’m not gonna lie the spell looked gorgeous but it wasn’t that effective since the majority of the people just kinda forget it it was there.

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The spell should be brought back as a talent choice for those who know how to use it. It’s a great spell when used correctly. Please blizzard bring back the light well!


This is the way I feel. I actually loved the mechanic and it’s so fun when people use it correctly.
But now we’re in the age of mindless repetition. Doesn’t matter if it’s fun and works, just matters that you can get mindless drones to complete content at a steady pace.

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Replace cosmic ripple with Lightwell Please Please

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Go play classic boo, and keep that crap there where it belongs.

Problem with lightwell, even if you automate it, even if you have competent players with you, is it just doesn’t do something we particularly want or need in content.

Lightwell would do wonders in Mythic+ and raid content. Not sure what game you are playing…

The one where continuous hps doesn’t really do anything and damage comes in during massive spikes at specific pre spaced intervals, also known as Mythic SoD.

The man just wants a nice glowing and cool spell, we all know the spell itself was garbo back in the day and it would be way more useless on today’s gameplay mechanics.

Lightwell in it’s Wotlk and Cataclysm form wouldn’t have any chance against Apotheosis for M+ and Salvation for raiding

HotS has a good iteration of Lightwell on Anduin where it’s basically an AoE healing stream totem that lasts for a specific number of heals then fades, but everytime u heal someone, it lowers the CD by a second.

It’s not massive healing, but it feels really nice to use in melee comps, and I have a feeling we could easily have something similar put into place here.

Restosham: Healing Rain
Restoruid: Efflorescence
Mistweaver: Rushing Jade Wind
Holy Pali: Light of Dawn
Holy Priest: Lightspring would really tie the room together, man.

Sooo bad. So bad. It’s like saying you want to throw away 10% of your paycheck each week by converting it to cash and burning it in a barbecue pit.

you enjoyed yourself a little too much there didn’t you my friend :stuck_out_tongue:

Hpellipsis is right but also i agree lightwell is such an iconic part of the holy priests toolkit it would be nice for it to come back in some form

Edit: maybe in a version of lock stones. Light stones. Pop lightwell down before key, get a lightstone and on you go, puts a heal plus renew on you when used

Lightwell–great concept, great in theory. And heck, whenever I saw one and played a dps, I clicked it madly and it was faaaantastic. Sadly, nobody else would use them.

And I used to play holy and drop them. But it was a waste of mana because nobody clicked them. Heck, when I played a resto druid, I used to drop Efflorescence, only to see people run out of it and die. This when all they had to do was stand on the green to survive.

A lot who play wow are not very swift. They are like horses you lead to water but won’t drink.

Hence, Lightwell belongs in the past. Tried and failed, sadly. Pray for Lightwell. Sing for Lightwell. Remember Lightwell. But that is it. That is it.

GUYS GUYS! There’s an idea we’re not considering…

What if instead of Lightwell, we had a POWER WELL talent that replaces PI with a well that gave 5 or however many people Power Infusion for a reduced duration?

DPS might be myopic but even they couldn’t resist the allure of a mini heroism

I dunno. I like PI and can help some dps really pump. I once saw a boomy hit 130k dps on a pack at NW with PI. Any change to PI–outside of making it last longer or giving it a higher haste boost-- would not get my vote!