Bring Glad Stance back!

For those who never played it. It was prolly one of the most fun times I’ve ever had playing this class


Yes please!


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As I just said in the other thread, I’m not opposed in theory but can’t see a practical way to do it. So for people who want Gladiator Stance back, what form do you picture that taking?

A toggle for Prot Warrior? If so, how does that work with as many of the passive durability buffs that tank specs get now. Shift it to Arms or Fury? If so, which one and how do you see it modifying the spec’s normal play. A new 4th spec? If so, what’s your case for Gladiator deserving the promotion to new spec when nothing else has gotten it since Feral Druid got split.

I think making a new spec on it so it can be its own unique thing would be the best idea for it , I would personally love to see it come back to get something different to play myself


4th spec
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Bring back glad stance plz…I miss sword and shield pvp where im not just a terrible FC compared to every other tank LOL…

Hey look, another thread, on the same subject, another 8 comments, without a single reason beyond “I liked it” for it to come back.

Wanting a sword and shield DPS spec in the game is a reason.

It’s been in the game before and imo incredibly fun. They just need to turn it into a 4th spec for blizzard style balancing.


And was removed wholesale for a reason. Adding it back, without an equal or better reason, is illogical at best.

It was removed because, as when guardian and feral were one spec, it’s a nightmare to balance. They split the Druid specs giving druids 4 specs. They could do the same for warriors.

Now I won’t feed your obvious trolling of our reason not being good enough in your opinion. Enjoy chatting with the wall.

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Explain that.

Not why it was removed.

Personally I’d love the class fantasy of a gladiator spec, spear and shield would be my main


Actually yes. They couldn’t buff cats damage easily without not also buffing bears. Same with survival of the two. Buff bears survival and it buffed cats. The spec was one and skilled players easily owned in pvp. If you don’t believe then google search the reasoning yourself. I’m not your teacher.

Also, talk to the wall like your troll alt.

Glad we can finally agree on something.

You don’t have the experience to be my teacher.

Glad we’re seeing eye to eye. Now I’ll halt my discussions with you and our derailment of the ops topic.

I don’t understand why someone says I don’t see any other reason you guys are making besides I like them. So?? It’s a video game we want to play things we like it feels different actually being a melee spec with a shield it’s a lot of fun but then again it’s a game ya know you play games for fun so we want things that are fun lol

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first, for more variety, its why they are bringing back 2h frost, ww with 2h for example

for balance, well, it would have to be a 4th spec because either it would make prot/glad too good or too bad, like i remember in wod, glad stance had access to dispels trough shield slams and it was later nerfed so only prot warriors could dispel with it

The thing is, what would a Gladiator 4th spec look like? I mean, yes 1H weapon and shield, but what abilities does it have? What’s the rotation look like?

When Guardian Druid got split from Feral there was an established core of Bear abilities to take with it. What is Gladiator supposed to use? Off-brand versions of the Prot set? Once you take out the tank specific stuff and the passive AoE they don’t want DPS to have, there’s not much left. Pretty much just Devastate, Shield Slam and some nerfed version of Thunder Clap. That’s not a lot to build a spec around.

Lots of people want Gladiator for the fantasy of fighting with a sword and shield but not having to be a tank. I haven’t seen a single suggestion as to how it’s supposed to play or what its defining theme is. It might be easier to make the case to the Devs if anyone could put up a coherent presentation of what they’re actually asking for.