Bring Back Symbiosis in 11.0

It’s time, for those unaware, Symbiosis was probably the most beloved Druid spell of all time. It allowed you to copy one of your target’s abilities, and in return they would get one of yours. The spell given and received changed depending on class/spec.

A resto druid using symbiosis on a mage would receive Ice Block, while the mage would receive healing touch. But if a Balance druid used it, they would get mirror image instead.

This was an incredibly fun ability that almost every druid loved and have been wanting to see return. The reason this was removed after only 1 expansion was because “balancing issues.”

I don’t see this as an excuse anymore now that we have an entire spec dedicated to buffing other classes. If you don’t see an issue with balancing Aug evokers, then you can surely bring back this beloved spell.