Bring back DirectX 10_1

So after the Prepatch came out i noticed i can no longer play with DirextX 10 and when i try to force it to it spits out “3d accelerator card is not supported”, so far i have seen nothing that would need Dx11.
it has also made the game unplayable for a few friends who do not have the ability to upgrade their systems . so yeah please return DX10 back to the game thanks.

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No longer will my MMORPG in 2020 be restricted to Direct X 10! Bring on the multi-threading and Ray tracing. Get better hardware.


I have better hardware that is updated, and that sh!t is broken.

What, exactly, is broken about it?

Pre-patch updates made the game literally unplayable due to the bug stating “computer is out of date”, while everything IS updated, everything.

Game crashes on launch, and sometimes logging in, characters “Are not found”.

there are some serious issues with this.

It’s not acceptable.

I understand pre-patches will be ‘buggy’, but not this bad, this is pretty subpar in terms of acceptability.

Does your computer meet the new minimum spec for Shadowlands still or do you need a hardware upgrade?

This sounds like a realm-connection issue, but I didn’t see Muradin in the list of realms going through that hell… submit a ticket?

Edit: I take it back, Muradin is connected to Azjol-Nerub, Blackrock, Khaz Modan, and Nordrassil. This is an old connection, but maybe the recent connections screwed up your existing connection (if it’s not hardware related). See this reference post.

Please stop ruining our game. DX12 Minimal should be set asap! Multithreading asap.

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I’ve a Nvidia 2060, 16gb RAM, 2 SSD’s, 1TB SSD (of the two), ryzen 3700 8 core.

Yeah, and fiber optic internet, so… yeah it’s definitely not a “Me problem”.

In all fairness, i cancelled my sub, as well as refunded the game.

That damage is done.

I was already mildly disgruntled with their unwarranted nerfs 3 days prior to pre-patch, this only took it from irritating to unplayable/unacceptable.


Now moving on.