Bring back class complexity


i miss my stances and switching between them and I’d like heroic strike back rather some filler ability

how bout the rest of you what do you want back to your class to make it more enjoyable

(Crowlay) #2

I miss being able to use melee weapons. I want to roll on swords, axes, daggers, maces, staves, and every other weapon type in the game.


I could go back to previous expansions and look for the things that are missing. It’d make me sound like I really know my stuff, but the truth is that I keybound everything and only bothered to read what was I using when having to reference to someone else. Names of abilities we’re not and are not my forte.

So I can’t say What I’m missing as a Hpriest, but my bindings are supersmall compared to what they were. I miss that feeling of being a JOAT MON healer. I was never great at aoe, but I had a lot tools for it. I was never great at single target, but I had a lot of tools for it. There was always Something I could use to pull out a clutch save. There was always one more CD, that normally wasn’t used, but in this instance it was just what was needed to scrape by while the other healers got back on target. And my Priest, as painful as it could be to lvl with, was my main for years. Until I came back in legion and it was abandoned because…I would go to hit the binding that did the thing which was perfect for this moment and it was gone. I’m sure there are more detailed orientated priests who can name the older abilities that weren’t great most of the time, but they had their niche moment. And I miss that. Now I feel like this wanna be AoE healer who keeps getting confused on the definition of AoE.

Ohoh, the mastery, I swear the mastery took work we used to do manually and just automated what some of our abilities used to. Or maybe I’m confusing things.


I really really miss the feeling like you had options, choices to make and YES you could screw up horribly and make the wrong choice! There is now one right way to play, one right button to press at all times and if you don’t want to do that one thing? Oh don’t worry you only have 5 abilities and the other 4 are on CD so… go ahead and press that button stupid, don’t worry… momma blizz will keep you safely in lock-step with the correct way to play if you like it or not.


Resto - Needs to be complimented with totems, this is what made the class unique and fun to play as a healer.
Elemental - Needs to be more fluid, feels too stationary to be honest. Also, fire elemental needs to be a perma-pet.
Enhancement - Again, needs to be complimented with totems, but most importantly needs to be given back Windfury. Where the Hell did the element of air go in Shaman lore, and why is lightning replacing it?

Feral - I honestly don’t have a problem with it personally, but I would refer to more Feral-savy people to explain preferred complexity.
Guardian - Overall, just needs to be more competitive with warrior.
Balance - What the actual dung-heep is this spec? This doesn’t feel druidic at all. This spec feels more Nightelf vs Tauren than anything. Give back more nature based feel. This spec should be more inclined to summon bugs, animals, and plant life to aide in combat more so than summon bolts of sunlight/moonlight.
Restoration - I like the spec, just needs more attuned numbers, and in my humble opinion better animation that fits the theme of druid. Regrowth, and lifebloom are the only spells that works with druid theme.

Fire - Haven’t mained this spec in over 4 expansions. Which says a lot, actually. I like the idea of phoenix fire and glad it was continued from Legion (albiet as a talent choice). The spec from what I gather feels too fast, if that makes sense. Every Pyro proc that I get in the heat of battle I use and I hardly notice it go off. Because I am so busy trying to RNG-burn my mobs down.
Arcane - This spec has so much damn potential but is being effortlessly wasted on its new design. Animations are absolutely God-awful. This spec can bring in a whole new class if the design team wanted. Time based spells have no limitations and should seriously be considered more for this spec.
Frost - I mean, it is okay I guess, just feels a little boring to play. Honestly, I say cosmetically alter the pet to be a racial influence. This gives the spec a little more character in my opinion.

Retribution - needs a complete overhaul. I don’t mean give it a secondary resource like Holy Power and turn the spec into a 2her rogue, I mean this spec needs to be completely erased and rebuilt from scratch. Seals need to make a return and be more intrinsic to the spec.
Holy - Needs better numbers, and give back Holy Radiance (make it castable while moving, this spec is too stationary). REMOVE THE GOD-FORSAKEN NEED TO BE RIGHT ON TOP OF A RAID BOSS TO BE EFFICIENT.
Protection - I actually have no issues with prot, perhaps bring back auras and give the spec more character/identity to the class.

Discipline - I would honestly say this spec is okay. Penance is fun to use. I say build the spec around it, and not so much bubbles. Seriously, this spec has way too many bubbles.
Holy - I like that Holy Words are thematically perfect for not just the spec, but the class as well. However, I feel like there could be more iconic looking spells added to the arsenal.
Shadow - Oof, I honestly don’t know.

Honestly, I hate this class with a passion, it is so boring for me to play. I have nothing to suggest/offer for it.

Subtlety - Need more stealth based skills, badly. This spec should feel more ninja-like than opener-heavy. What I mean is, give the spec animations that feel more fluid. The moment we break stealth we are just stabbing the mob like a warrior. When I think of this spec, I kind of want it to be like GW2’s Daredevil.
Assassin - I like this spec. Poisoning mobs to death is incredibly satisfying, give more poison debuffs.
Outlaw - I don’t play this spec, as it doesn’t feel rogue-like to me. I hear that some people love it though, so I leave it to them to offer suggestions/feedback.

Demonology - Has potential, but is incredibly spammy and that kills the immersion for me. Only able to summon one demon permanently? A master of the demonic arts should have at minimum all baseline demons out at the cost of damage. All spells cast should be minion-spells and not shadow/fel based.
Destruction - I haven’t played this spec since Burning Crusade. It feels like a fire mage to me with an even more powerful black-green pyroball. I say remove this spec and give warlocks a new 3rd spec influenced around blood-spells.
Affliction - the spells need to look better, seriously the animations are so unnoticeable. Curses need to make the mob look like they are decaying from the curses being applied to them. Surround the mob in a haze, or a blur depending on the curse being used. The spec is fine, but the animations kill the immersion.

Mistweaver - I like it, to be honest. However I want more chi-like influence. I LOVED the idea of the green bubbles on the ground and players would need to walk through them to get bonus heals and stuff. Bring that back 10-fold. Make the statue a spirit and have it follow you once summoned.
Windwalker - I don’t play this spec, I never have, probably never will. Looks so boring to me, and the animations are horrible. I have nothing to offer here.
Brewmaster - I sort of like the theme to this spec, but feel it is being sort of wasted on the lack of skills/spells used with it. “Needs more” is all I can think of for this spec.

Demon Hunter:
Havoc - needs more spells/skills. I personally think this spec should be themed around the DH’ers eye beam. Every skill used has the chance to trigger a 1-3 second blast from the eyes. This would make it thematically fun to play in my humble opinion.
Vengeance - I like it personally, the only tank I sincerely enjoy playing. Needs to be themed more around actually embracing your inner demonic nature though. Less around sigils/fire.
“Sigilence” - needs to be its 3rd spec. Sigils and fire themed around the DH’ers weapons. I can see it in my head, but it is hard for me to describe in few words on a forum.


I think making us be a class and not a specialization again would help a lot with that… The sole reason why I love resto druid so much is because I actually get to shapeshift something else than my spec form.

(Magnarok) #7

I would like to see a return of things like stances, auras and presences. And a proper choice of weapon types. The restriction to dual wielding for frost DKs, or 2 handers for fury warriors is incredibly irksome.

(Ravens) #8

#1 change I would like to see is to allow us to choose talents of the specs we choose.

Rather than be confined to the Talents and Spells of a certain spec of a class. i.e .You can only be a Shadow Priest, not a Disc Priest, nor a Holy priest… would be great if you can instead spend talent points in any spec of your choosing and create a class to your liking… i.e. a shadow priest who can dish out some damage but also could off heal a party in emergencies.

essentially similar to Vanilla, with its talent point and talent tree system… but instead shouldn’t be an overwhelming choice of talents like in Vanilla, instead be like the current talent selection of the current game, except you’re not limited to the talents of the spec you choose, you can for example choose one of the three holy priest level 10 talent, then decide to choose one of the 3 shadow priest talents at level 20, choose a disc priest talent at 50, etc. basically mix and match to your liking, choosing from either of the 3 from Holy, 3 from Disc, or 3 from Shadow for each talent row in the current game, rather than being restricted only to the 3 of the spec you rolled.

This also makes more sense lore-wise or class identity-wise, as it makes no sense for a hunter for example, who decides to reroll Survival to have completely forgotten how to use a bow or gun, or vice versa… or a unholy Death Knight forgot how to use frost magic and also completely forgot how to dual-wield one-handed swords. So for this reason, we should not be walled in to a specific spec, and be given the flexibility to mix and match talents to our liking as it makes the most sense class, identity, and lore wise. Also can result in less Cookie Cutter classes if everyone can build their characters to their liking and play style, rather than be restricted to a single/limited role.


I feel like… a lot of what you guys want would be possible, if there was no need to balance specs around competitive play. Not so much speaking on the older builds, like stance dancing and SL locks, but the idea of(and I quote) “a shadow priest who can dish out some damage but also could off heal a party in emergencies”.

a sacrifice would have to be made to balance this type of build, which would probably be your overall dmg if you took a talent that allowed you to also be a competent group heal. i’m not against the idea at all-- I understand the want to personalize your style of play, but you would have public groups rejecting your character for not being optimal. this is fine if you just want to solo play and group with friends, but what group would take a shadow priest that skipped voidform to pick up atonement?

if i’m wrong and misunderstanding, please feel free to correct me.


This is one thing I absolutely love about the Guild Wars series. There’s such a litany of builds in that game because there’s no real expectation they all be perfectly balanced - it’s great, and leads to a lot of fun and experimentation (or it did, before the meta became incredibly stagnant with elite specs).

I would absolutely love it if classes in WoW had that degree of customization, but I severely doubt it’d work in the game’s framework.


I think Blizzard did the pruning to make the game simpler to attract new younger players… now that they (and us old school mf’s) are bored with it, they are gonna bring back the complexity… thats just what I’m thinkin :wink:


Please bring back five second rule mana regeneration for Spirit and mana per 5.

(Kahless) #13

If you have fewer than 15 things keybound, I don’t know what game you’re playing. (GW2?)

If you have more than 15 things keybound, I’m not sure what you’re complaining about.

Putting multiple ranks of greater heal on your bars wasn’t particularly fun for me, though maybe it was for you.

(Jalën) #14

I definitely want it back. I feel completely stripped of what made my class feel whole. Classic can’t come soon enough for me.

(Pikkarg) #15

It’s definitely high time the class specializations got better. Why I’ve wanted a CC role in the game for a long time is that it would finally break the monotony of the 3 DPS spec problem.

With a CC role you could really expand on some specializations to make them mechanically more engaging while keeping the pure DPS specs centered around damage. That would allow damage in particular to become more engaging by adding vulnerability variance and an assortment of wombo combos that work differently depending on how they’re applied.


Blizzard needs to stop trying to balance the game around competitive play. Bring back class design Devs from TBC, Wotlk and Mop.

(Arlifrex) #17

Sounds like you all want vanilla wow.

(Jalën) #18

Yep. Can’t wait to play.

(Krissignacia) #19

yup i def miss the days of old and they should bring it back

icy touch
ams doing 75% untalented again
presences to help me survive

old trees for that rpg feel


soul reaper not being a dot and a scary execute

unholy with multiple ways to play because you created several and its time to let them choose

baseline hunters mark