Bring Back Character Clones Please

After taking a break from the game, I logged in to try to clone my characters since I didn’t do it back in TBC. I realized that Blizzard got rid of the cloning options. This really sucks since I had fully geared Naxx toons that I spent hours and hours playing and gearing. I really just want these toons back in classic, but sadly I transferred them to TBC and barely played (didn’t even make it to 70 on either toon). I know you gave a window, but due to inactivity I missed this. Would be great to have the option of cloning again. I would pay $50 a character, it really is worth it for me.


There have been many posts on this topic, and from what I’ve heard, Discord commentary from Blizzard employee. Here is the end result: It is very unlikely that cloning will come back.

I would feel the same way, sorry it didn’t work out. There are many people who are in your position that have chosen to play new characters on Era.

I hope you are wrong, but you are probably right. However, the only way it will ever come back is making these posts so here I am.


Doubt they would bring it back for a character on a Wrath realm. What’s stopping you from picking up some Outlands gear before you clone? Is there an accurate way for Blizzard to track your gear?

Edit: Gear includes in bank or bags, not just equipped.

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They have to have the data somewhere. Also in playing only a few levels on both toons all my naxx gear has not been replaceable by anything. Your argument doesn’t make any sense. They could easily figure this out.


In your head do you think they’ll allow a transfer to Era with toons that are over 60 and could potentially have TBC items? Cloning won’t happen again anyway, but in your case it’s completely hopeless. GG

What? You clearly have no idea what I am asking for. I am asking for them to clone my 60 character like I had an opportunity to do in the past. They definitely have the data somewhere imo.


Won’t happen you’re already on Wrath realms QQ

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I’m requesting it in the forums. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. No harm in asking. I don’t appreciate your troll responses.


I don’t appreciate your existence but here we are

Yeah, same here man. I feel your pain here. If Blizzard isn’t going to do a new season of mastery for classic era, then I would like my damn characters back, please.

I totally agree with you and relate to the loss of all of that time invested.
In my situation, I didn’t even transfer my 60’s to TBC. I let my account time run out two weeks after Shadowlands was released because our server basically was imploding by that time. All the guilds were dying.

I did not choose to have my characters sent to Wrath-Cata hell, Blizzard did that for me. Thanks Blizz! Great move!
But seriously, I will pay to be able to play my 60’s again on era, or please for the love of god, hurry up with SOM2 (Secret of Mana 2) already, jeeez.


Yeah, classic vanilla was something else man. And due to covid so many people were able to invest that extra bit in their characters.

Easy for people to say to reroll when some are in a situation that wont allow them to invest the time that they could before, we’ve all earned our characters and should get them back.


You still have them.

They are in northrend now.

You never lost them. They are in wotlk right now. As are mine. However I bought a character copy. Sorry you didnt feel the need to copy your museum piece.

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You don’t have to be sorry. But I appreciate you helping bump up the topic to garner some more attention! There is also word with enough tickets Blizz may be able to give a helping hand :slight_smile:

But yeah more important things were being taken care of while those announcements were being made a year later.


Because Blizzard decided it couldn’t be bothered despite the fact that many of us have spent $$$$ over the last two decades. Every character should have been cloned to Classic Era realms and next SOM expansion as they came out. Just know that customer service can’t help with any of this. Blizzard has tied there hands, so don’t take it out on them like I did at first.

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Oh yeah there is never an excuse to take it out on them. But in hindsight, there is definitely a way for them to either rollback your current character to a time right before tbc hit or just completely recreate your character.

I mean, they re-created all of vanilla after years of saying its gone forever.


One of the easiest ways would be to take a look at your characters current inventory in that got pushed to wrath.

Remove any items from tbc or wrath and there you have it. It’s definitely an accomplishable feat.


cope more my guy


There seems to be a fair amount of people interested in this. Hopefully blizzard takes notice.