Bright objects giving gigantic box shaped glows

Am i the only one who’s seeing this in game? ive messed with all my in-game and monitor settings and i cant get it to go away. Ive seen this glow come off items equipped by players.

I think you are probably talking about someone using the dark portal trinket

no its coming off of player equipped items that have a bright glow to them, its a huge glowy box that covers half my screen. i never saw it in classic but as soon as the prepatch hit there it was.

its happening with items like elemental mage staff and teebu’s

no its a reported problem and on the list of known issues blizzard sent out. they admitted to the lighting and shading being broken and flickering but are not guaranteeing to fix it. thats the current update at the moment.

has to do with the fact they switched the broken shadowlands engine that has had graphics and lighting issues since shadowlands launch and they never bothered to fix it…and now its being included in classic. hopefully we can make enough noise to get them to finally fix this nonsense.

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thanks man! i thought the issue was on my end, would you mind linking the post?

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thanks again

there is someone in the forum that posted a gif animation of the issue as well and i posted some screen shots of the lighting shading bugs. if you search of lighting or box you should find it if you want to see what others have mentioned.

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