Brewmasters need survival help

Brewmasters needs help with their tankness baseline not form trinkets or tier sets. Looking 20-29 fort keys most BM are using tank trinkets where other specs doesn’t need them and can use dps trinkets easily. The survival gap to us and bears is insane. No matter people say: “every spec can do high keys”. Yes but we have to do a lot more work for the same level. Its noticeable form logs and the community of pugs. its on pair with prot warriors as taking damage or little better

Its needs survival buff (not damage)

The trade off is BrM does high damage already, you’d be hard pressed to find another tank that can baseline compete with monk tanks in the DPS department.

As for base survivability, there are plenty of CDs to use to smooth out damage intake, and playing it well just makes you even tankier.

CDR with talented BoK and Keg Smash makes CB a very short CD, BoB to reset CB and BOk talent to make it even stronger is very good. Being able to fully or near fully heal yourself with Expel Harm is also amazing.

Pair those with Fort Brew and a very reliable Dodge% gives monks, from what my healers have said, a smooth healing experience.

Like any tank, you can still get chunked if you’re not careful, obviously, but with tank trinkets like treemouth and the one from NL, you have pull openers to keep you alive while you get CB rolling.

BrM takes skill, it always has


I agree that BrM takes skill I do, but the OP is also correct as well, we do need some baseline endurance buffs, I think most of POS would agree with this as well even the hardcore theorycrafters, but the problem is that Blizz doesn’t seem to know how to do it, Stagger is either extremely crap or extremely OP, no real in between. Also, regarding Fort Brew, its baseline CD is way too long for such a mediocre CD. Most hardcore Brews I know hate that ability and I agree that it needs a rework.


Extremely OP. That is what we need to achieve by how we play. ^^

But yes. Maybe Stagger should be balanced so it’s not too weak or too OP.

I agree with you it take skill but the gap is still noticeable no matter how good you are. Even high-end people are calling it out. Its not about skill when the spec design is off and it shows in the logs/data form multiple websites where you dont need X for one tank and needed for us to do the same stuff. Than that shows in pugs to be picky. I dont care you still have to put in such more work than a bear than they can do it all (Damage the same damage, take less damage, heal better) easier. Its not come down to skill its balance and spec design. I am not asking it to be meta nor op. Just a better tank. Not an buff to damage. To our tanknes and let our self healing still be awful to off set.


yea blizz need to do a rework as stagger and some useless talents

I feel like brew needs a rework hopefully monk will get a rework soon, but i feel they will priortize more popular specs. Stagger as a mechanic is not good for modern wow tanking.

They gutted it when it was too strong think they could fix it by buffing it a small amount. But still as been playing monk since end of Pandaira i dont really like the squishy feeling monk has.

I hate the feeling of needing a pocket healer constantly when it feels like the other 5 tanks can just survive.

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Stagger is messy and hard to balance and the idea of CB as an big bubble just eat by anything. Its should be about dodging melee and than using Cb just for magic damage. our baseline tankness should be high than our self healing can be low

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