Brewmaster PVP Suggestions

Since the removal of Incendiary Breath, Brewmaster has been left sorely lacking in PVP. The spec isn’t really effective at anything.

Brewmaster lacks the disruption that Veng, Blood, and Prot Warrior are able to bring. With Stagger being so heavily nerfed in PVP, it doesn’t have the durability of Guardian or Blood. Brewmaster is far inferior to both Veng and Guardian in regards to mobility, and for reasons unknown, the spec is rendered even less mobile when carrying orbs in ToK by having the propulsion of Roll / Chi Torpedo removed.

With the loss of Incendiary Breath, I think Brewmaster needs a bit of adjustment to regain some degree of competitive edge.

Mobility could be adressed by changing Niuzao’s Essence to allow Expel Harm (instead of Purifying Brew) to clear snares as well as roots. This would still be an inferior version of Druid shifting forms and would come at the expense of a PVP talent instead of being baseline, but would be a solid step in giving the spec a fair shake at running flags.

As for Disruption, Rodeo is a far cry from the likes of Sigils, Dragon Charge, DKs kidnapping Priests, etc. For starters, I think Clash should be reduced to a 15 second cd to put it more in line with the cd of other tanks’ gap closers as well as to ease the pain of the fact that Rodeo stacks don’t start to build up until Clash is off cd.

Then there’s the very limited range of effect from Rodeo. The mechanics of Clash almost guarantee that there won’t be anyone within 6 yards of your target to root. Add in the very tight window of activation and the random nature of the target selection, and the odds of you actually doing anything productive with the subsequent casts aren’t all that great.

I think Rodeo needs to change in some fashion.

One adjustment could be for the targets to be tethered to the Monk and pulled with him as he rushes off to Clash the next target.

Another option could be to have the secondary activations leave the Monk in place and only cause the targets to rush towards the Monk with all enemies within 6 yards being knocked down upon the target’s arrival. This would feel less like a Rodeo and more like something out of Ip Man, which would make sense in my opinion.

You could even add in increasingly debilitating effects to targets caught in range multiple times, like being hit once would Daze targets for 8 seconds, targets hit a second time would be knocked down, and targets hit a third time would be pacified (unable to cast or attack) for 3 seconds.


This loss of propulsion of Roll / Chi Torpedo is still active while carrying flags in Eye of the Storm though not active while carrying flags in Warsong Gulch or Twin Peaks.

100% This change needs to be reverted. It would make FC’ing as brew MUCH better. There’s no reason why roll/chi torpedo should be nerfed in this day and age. Back then it made sense because of how extremely mobile monk was at the time. Now, so many other classes are just as if not more mobile than monks.

Also, stagger NEEDS to be buffed in pvp! That mechanic DOES not and HAS NOT worked as a defensive at all since the end of legion. We need a rework or allow our mastery to affect spells at reduced capacity. Give monks SOMETHING to help with tanking in pvp!