Brewmaster now taking full dam + stagger

While I’m not 110% sure what’s going on despite digging through logs, the title is the closest I can get to wrapping my head around what happened in my last raid. It currently feels as if BM Monks are taking full damage from abilities plus a normal amount of stagger damage. It felt this way even on trash and through a handful of pulls on Mythic Dausegne, but it was unplayable enough to make me swap classes.

I’ll link to the damage taken aspect of two very similar pulls from the last raid, and one the week before, but feel free to dig through and help me out. I will say that I also noticed my Elusive Brawler stacks being consumed without actually dodging anything, which is reflected on the logs as they appear more sporadic than the week before.

Last raid:

Week before:

I have had people tell me that they’re seeing other brewmasters struggling this week, but I haven’t seen any other bug reports or information on what in the world is going on, so I hope this helps. It feels like my monk is dead in the water right now.

No amount of rearranging options on the in-game support will allow me to fill out a proper ticket for this (love it /s), so I’m just going to reply to my OG post with more information.

I went ahead and tanked a 17 for a friend just to discover an additional problem to what I’ve detailed above. Tank mechanics, even if I hold threat, seem to disregard me. They will target anyone in melee regardless of my being in melee and having total control, and it was causing others to get one shot. Plus, I still have the original problem of taking full damage + stagger.

I wish I had logged that key in hindsight, but it feels like the game isn’t recognizing the entirety of my tank spec. I get higher threat, and abilities, but everything is being false read. My passives mean nothing, my stagger is fake additional damage, and mobs do not care that I’m the tank (No, I wasn’t kiting, in case that question crosses someone’s mind).

I’m at a loss on what to do here. Swapping specs back and forth hasn’t fixed anything either.

Randomly chiming into this post again just to say that the issue seems to have resolved itself. I have no idea how, so if this happens to someone else, I’m sorry.

I logged a 16 Streets to confirm, and all my passives seem to be working again, as well as being recognized as the priority for tank/current target mechanics.