Brewmaster looking for mythic guild


Hey, I am looking for a mythic guild to finish this raid tier and push future content with. I am currently 410 equipped with a 44 HoA. I am 9/9H and 1/9M this tier but have raided mythic the last two expansions getting Cutting Edge in several of the raids.

As for raids I am looking for 2-3 nights a week, preferential towards weekends but for the right guild, weekdays are fine as well. I am on the East Coast so nothing too late (midnight on weekdays). As for progression I’m not really looking for a guild that is still trying to form their mythic team, rather a guild with 3-5M kills already. I am willing to transfer from Mal’Ganis but would like to stay Horde.

As if I haven’t put enough requests I am also interested in a guild with a good M+ scene where I can push higher keys as well as sell runs.

I have several other tank alts but none are geared to any reasonable level and I intend to raid as Brew for the foreseeable future.

Since I’m not allowed to post links for some reason, I’ll just point you to WarcraftLogs and RaiderIO under Quiarra-Mal’Ganis to see gear/parses/mechanics/keys/whatever else you need :stuck_out_tongue:

You can reach me at:
Discord - Chaliia#2763

(Serenityz) #2

Hey there Qularra,

I was browsing the forum and think you would be a great fit for the guild Angelic Reign. Here is a little more information about my guild:

We consider all quality applicants. If you feel that you would be a good fit for us (raider or non-raider), do not hesitate to contact me to schedule a Discord interview or add my battle tags to discuss further.

Thanks for your time and happy hunting!


Hello Quiarra,

I am the recruitment officer for Diminishing Returns on Dalaran. We are a 13 year old raiding guild whom moved from Kael’thas a month or two ago. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm till 11pm est. We are looking for a main tank atm, because our old one moved to another country. I will leave my ID and if you want to chat hit me up. btag is Geo#1668

Thanks again,


Looking to expand our Social, Heroic, and Mythic raid team

ABOUT More Dot-

An openly run and honest guild looking to expand our ranks throughout. We have members from all over the world who contribute to all aspects of the guild. Raiding can get stressful sometimes, so we all enjoy setting aside days to PVP/M+/achievements. Raiding with friends is what we all strive to do, we just need more friend =P

Service: Stormrage (A)


Mythic - Friday/Satuday 9pm-1am ST
Heroic - Tuesday 8pm-12pm


3/9M BoD



Resto Shaman
Holy Priest
Mistweaver Monk


Any ranged

As always, we welcome any mythic or heroic ready players to fill out our core.
All raids spots are open and competitive (we will bring the best available players each night).

We also desire casual/social/achivement junkies for our guild.


If interested please contact any of the following:

Guildmaster - Secured#1406 bnet/ Secured#4600 discord
Officer - Anxiety#11832 bnet
Officer - Bonza#11353 bnet


Apply @


Still looking, please note what I said in the original post that I am not going Alliance.