Brewmaster Looking for Late Night Raid


Looking for a mythic progression guild with a start time no earlier than 1am eastern time.

I did not raid Uldir. I wasn’t mad at that angry worm enough. Instead, I dedicated all of my play time to mythic plus.

I maintain 2-3 tanks at any given time. Currently, I have a 386/388 BDK, 383 BRM, 384 VDH, 375 Prot Warrior, but will be putting emphasis on Brewmaster for the upcoming tier/season.


Raid history:
From ICC through Siege of Orgrimmar, our guild raided 25 man heroic. This was when Heroic was the highest difficulty. When the new normal/heroic/mythic system was launched mid-siege we remained at the heroic level and did not pursue mythic raiding.

In WoD, we maintained heroic raiding with a flexible roster which suited me fine since I had just relocated across the country and needed more IRL time than wow time.

With Legion launch, I raided with that same guild through Emerald Nightmare and then went my own way to raid Mythic Trial of Valor and Nighthold. I tanked these raids as a Guardian Druid earning Cutting Edge in both.

During Tomb progression, I needed to focus a bit more on my job at the time and bowed out from raiding after Mistress progression. I took 4 months off and came back to the game simply to finish the mage tower challenges on all the 110 characters I had. I ended up really liking BDK and found a raid near the end of the expansion where I tanked all but Agg and Arg on mythic.

With the removal of tier sets in BfA, I saw no motivation to raid, since my primary focus has been mythic plus since its release in legion. Because tier sets and some raid trinkets were pivotal to m+ progression in legion, I felt I had to raid in order to maintain some competitive edge. Even now, without raiding I can see where not having a specific trinket or trait puts me just a bit behind and I don’t like it.

Since my new schedule will put me home after everyone in my house goes to bed, I’m looking to have a lot of free time in those late hours.

I can be reached:
Bnet: Cohumulone#1396
Discord: Pastorianus#2534

(Sìeara) #2

Check the late night channels on the recruitment discord maybe? I am not sure what time the latest guild starts. Also maybe look at OC if your ping is bearable.

Recruitment Discord: is a great place to check for guilds (several realms and both factions!)

My CE guilds: if you feel like checking out my rosters. Even if we aren’t recruiting your specific class, feel free to apply anyways.


Just posted to a couple channels in the recruitment discord. I know late night are few and far between. OC pings are usually 200-ish for me. Not ideal but not broken either.

Thanks for the link to your rosters. Looks like the raid times wouldn’t work for my IRL schedule.