Brewmaster: Alpha

I get it’s the Alpha and all. But I feel like I should report for all 12 brewmasters in the world.

Brewmaster, currently. Is in a completely nonfunctional State. This worries me as a Brewmaster main

Ironskin Brew currently Isn’t in the game.

The effect of Ironskin brew is currently replaced with Shuffle, Which gives you 75% increased effectiveness of Stagger after hitting an opponent with any of your abilities. This is absolutely mindless, and keeps shuffle up 100% of the time.

Purifying Brew has 2 Charges, and shares those charges with nothing. Which removes all aspects of choice and deterministic play from the spec.

Finally. The newest brew. Celestial Brew, gives you an absorb shield based on the damage you purified recently. It is a 30 seconds cooldown Unaffected by haste, and isn’t effected by your Cooldown reduction for things that “Reduce the cooldown of all Brews”

TL;DR Brewmaster currently has no active mitigation tools. They can purify staggered damage, but their stagger maxes out at 65%
Celestial brew is the only Mitigation they have, and it is a 30 second cooldown.
This makes the tank spec practically non-functional.

In my proposed solution, Shuffle would remain as it is now, Applied on all attacks and almost entirely passive.
Ironskin Brew should return, And share charges with purify.
But in order for it to matter, Ironskin brew should have a much more potent, and game play focused effect.

Perhaps it should Increase armor and increase your stagger percentage by a significant amount. but only for a short time, 4 or 5 seconds at the most.
This gives brewmaster an active tool to stagger more damage if they use it correctly, and therefore be able to generate bigger shields with celestial brew.


I disagree. As far as i have been able to test, the alpha version of BM is working closer to the original design intent (for live) and tbh feels pretty solid. I will agree its kind of mindless just keeping shuffle up by using blackout kick and keg smash… but so is hitting IsB every 7 seconds or so. Elusive Brawler is still there for that sweet sweet dodge % too . BM has always had more of a passive mitigation toolkit with stagger, your brews just help manage it.

In Alpha (my experience with it) you would stagger up to heavy damage pop a purifying brew (which would empower your next celestial brew up to 400%) and then use a celestial (which would empower your next Purifying brew up to 400% based on stagger) and so on, personally ill be using light brewing for the reduced cooldown on the brews in general usage. I could see the Ox brew coming back into play for some situations.

All in all though just remember that its still VERY early Alpha, you cant hit 60 yet, or test the content that BM would shine in, i.e. more difficult content.If your feeling a little squishy i wouldnt worry about it till we can cap out and test more of the higher end content.


At least hitting ironskin brew every 7 seconds let you actually press a button to get your mitigation. Taking away brew from the Brewmaster and replacing it with a completely passive form of shuffle is NOT ok.

Celestial brew is a great design. But it needs the Cooldown reduction from your other abilities, and it absolutely shouldn’t be the only mitigation that the monk actually has control over.

We aren’t death knights, I don’t want my entire tanking spec to come down to hitting one button.

Just a heads up, probably helpful for the devs, but there is a thread dedicated specifically to Monk feedback that might also be a good place to add this feedback to.


Thank you!

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