Brewfest Version

So… It will even hurt you more when I’m right and you are wrong
This is going to be delicious

I doubt it’s going to launch with the level 80 version.

Why would they put in content that is literally inaccessible for half the time it’s available?

You know, if you spent half as much time actually trying to play the game as you do harassing on the forums, you would probably perform better then the 30-40% bracket

My favorite part is the cluster accessing Coren Direbrew will be without RDF. Better have a remote. Wonder if access will be sold by those who get one early.

I need to see how long the drill stays up.

I have the remote on an alt but I’ll only be doing the event on my main for the mounts.

Glory of the raider does give 310%.

At least the Ironbound proto drake is 310%. I remember being given the free update do 310% flying for having it when they let 301 be trainable.

This year’s Brewfest will be level 70* like last year’s Brewfest, with one exception:

Achievement credit will be granted by it, so you can get started on your Long, Strange Trip.

*Coren is technically level 73.


Thanks, Kaivax!

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You were saying?


Damn you hate to see it. Who could’ve guessed blizzard would clear up a question on the forums outside of a blue post

A good day for blizzard nice

It looks like [Direbrew’s Dire Brew], the quest-starting item dropped from Coren Direbrew, has been updated to require Level 75. If the rest of the event is intended for level 70 players, this seems like an unintended bug:

Moving Brewfest to 1/3 or 1/2 of the way through Wrath would be a better move, as it can then act as the catchup mechanic in which it was intended (TBC and Wrath were launched in January and November, respectively). Wrath classic will be pretty much over by next September.

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so… dont lvl 80 trinkets?

Does this mean the 60% ram will be available or not?


lmao not even 1 hour apart.


at least this discussion made a gm step up and clarify it once and for all.
So win/win.
I lost, but I still enjoy getting a definitive answer about this issue


This is terrrible, so its basically a worthless event vs a huge gain for everyone playing. No one will need the items off this event a year from now making it useless vs how huge of a help it was to have this early on in tbc.


Weren’t you insulting people, calling people names, and other stuff?

You should apologize, because quite frankly you just don’t get to walk away from it now.

I am waiting.


I don’t have anything to apologize to you, actually I’m flagging you for for stirring up the pot and trolling :wink:

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Will the 60% and 100% mounts be available with tickets bought with coins like last year as well?