Brewfest Version

With Brewfest continuing into Wrath launch, will we be able to get the level 80 version of trinkets from it if we level fast enough?


presumably, level 80 will be achievable and its the 3.3.5 patch. There is no precedence to base blizzard’s behavior on


Given it spans prepatch where you can only be lvl 70 max into wotlk unlikely to be the lvl 80 version. Also would be ridiculous to expect they turn on the lvl80 part way through.

The trinkets were originally about a year into wotlk and were catch up gear so to have them in the game the first few weeks would be massively overpowered.


in tbc the holiday event before it just din’t happen to avoid a case like this.

In wrath there not delaying but safe to assume wont be updated given the precedence of them not wanting to give out extra gear at the start the vary reason it was stoped in tbc classic.

While if it was the 80 version would req level 75 to accept and spawn the boss as it spams prepatch where you cant level past 70 near 0 chance they will make it the 80 version and have the boss being unable to be accessed after last brewfest they got flak from people not being able to get all the possible tokens as some content din’t work day 1 + ending a day early.

The above is esp a big deal as what a strange trip will be in play and as such getting brewfest done to get all achievements will be quite important in order to complete the achievement for 310% riding as soon as possible. This is the single achievement that gives the most tangible reward of all as its the only way to get 310% without a rare mount of being a glad in wrath. Having all content open for this achievement will like be and should be there prio vs trinkets that where not there or accessible in the first phase on og wrath. They where made to be catch up gear NOT starting gear.

Obv nothing is set without a blue statment but the odds are rather low so woulden’t count on it.

i can’t imagine we would be getting the level 80 brewfest items.

they were a mean of catchup after like a year into tbc.

would be stupid to give us the level 80 basically on launch

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You guys have to understand that prepatch is already 3.4
Meaning all the events are automatically updated to the lich king version, in order to get all the achievements that’s a needed fact.
Also, if you wanna implement the tbc brewfest in wotlk patch you would have to code it, change the events and the achievements
I’m pretty certain there is next to 0 chance that blizzard would waste time trying to do this, so you can quote me on this one.
We will get the lich king version, and we will only have a couple of days to get the 80s items and they would only be obtainable by those who rushes into 80 asap. Reducing the amount of people with good gear and making it as a reward for no lifing the game, which is a win/win to me anyways

Not true.

Nothing is automatic about it. Blizzard has already confirmed in Q and As nearly everything needs to be gone over and manually checked and redone in classic each time they patch due to not only the fact changes was made to classic making the versions not quite match on top of massive bugs that pop on but also to add phasing. Not to mention being on the legion engine.

Its quite easy for them to prevent a element of the patch from going live. IN fact its exactly what phasing dose and is exactly what is happening with LFD as well as many other changes.

On top it is quite easy for them to make the fight lvl 70 vs 80 compared to the work to ensure its working correctly.

The Glory of the Raider 10/25 will be the fastest for getting them since the events achievement takes 12 months to complete due to Brewfest monthly club. Though having to do Undying/Immortal is going to be trouble for some people lol

Edit: I actually checked, and apparently this was changed in Wrath after a while and you just had to join the club. I never knew the achievement changed so guess I’m wrong there lol. Though you would still have to wait for each event to come up to get the overall achievement.

Glory of the raider dose not give a 310 its a 280 so no it dosent give the reward in question. What a long stand trip is the ONLY way outside of rare drops or glad to get 310 in wrath. Glory was updated in cata to be 310 with the addition of master riding unless i’m remembering wrong, this is what made what a strange long trip such an attractive achievement and if you look on retail even lists master riding as a reward unlike glory.

All Glory of the Raider are 310% speeds. They have the text “extremely fast” mount, which is 310% speed. “Very Fast” for flying mounts is 280% speed.

For example.

Part of it was that the Naxx 10/25 were removed after Ulduar came out, so you couldn’t get the mounts anymore at that point. I remember carrying friends through the Ulduar 10 so they could get it when they announced the Cata 5k extremely fast purchase you could get so they could save the gold way back in original releases.

The Strange Long Journey meta was the easiest to complete since you could do it entirely solo, but the Glory mounts were also 310% speed.

For clarity on the Retail part. You had to have a 310% mount before they added Master or all mounts were the highest you had paid for training if you got them after that fact.

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Saving this one for when brewfest launches and I’ll rub it on your face in when we get the 80s version

You really are dense and that comment shows it.

As per my own comment

Nothing is for sure. Them doing the 80 version dose NOT in any way add any credence to what you said or lowers the value of my comment. The fact you want to “rub it in the face” of someone shows how childish you are, and how much you lack the reading comprehension to even do so. If you really had evidence to show it will be the 80 version you would be showing it. Outside of that nothing in my comment is incorrect and as such even them releasing the 80 version dose not disprove my comments nor dose it lower there value in any way unlike your comment that I corrected that was blatantly untrue (nothing is “auto” upgraded with the prepatch blizzard is needing to manually update as otherwise it doesn’t work as has been confirmed by them). As such would be no way to “rub my face in it” as them releasing the 80 version is only doing exactly what I said was possible but not likely.


Your only proving to everyone how childish you are. And good luck with your “rubbing it in my face” when you obv don’t even understand the convo. Your welcome to think what your saying makes any sense but it doesn’t and someone that doesn’t understand what is being said really cant bother anyone with there “rubbing it in”.

Will end the convo with you here.


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Based on the phase cycle in TBC, I doubt we’ll see brewfest again till TOC/early ICC at a guess.


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