Brewfest Sausage Competion Bugs

Is anyone else having the bug happen where people who join the Brewfest Sausage eating competition are getting a handicap sausage at the start? I have had 2 of 5 games already where one or more members are getting starter credit for 1 sausage before the NPC Etga is even announcing the game has started. Furthermore, some people have full plates of sausage graphically, whereas my character has none. I do not understand this mechanic as to why I have to load my own sausage plate when my competitors do not have to. These errors happen regardless of what color/position I sit at.

Also this design is and has been very poor. Please make certain to make it so that players NOT participating in the challenge cannot stand in the way of the camera angle. This greatly interferes with the competition and creates unfair advantages for players.

I seen it start with one color with 1 point already.

and people who choke need a longer cooling time. people choking on the food shouldn’t win the game.

I did see that. The person next to me had a point before the chick even said to begin! I came in second to that person, of course! GG Blizzard!