Breaking-rmp is officially dead!

no RMP on top 7 comps at 2100 and up

I hope you guys are proud of yourselves, now RMP players must go back to playing Chess at the 2700 bracket and up

and my poor dad can no longer brag at the dinner table


How is there an rmp at the top of the ladder if it’s so bad🤔



He is a lock and I think he quit wow or at least retail did he not

no RMP on top 7 comps at 2100 and up

But how did an rmp manage to defy odds and make it to the very top?


Skill Based Comp.

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where do you find all of these faces, or are you just a text emoji master

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brain dead rogue players rerolling off their still S-tier comp because they’re bad :sleeping:


Anyone tried Disc Fire RMP lately? I always thought was pretty decent into warlock/last season of expansion metas. I guess the amount of fury warrior teams would make it really annoying to play disc as RMP atm.

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Disc is way more fun imo

Requires more effort than hpriest to get clean goes but is much more enjoyable

Lives way too long still so no worries there

Disc just means the rogue actually needs to get a sap/stun opener, or a cheap + kidney on two targets while the mage db/poly’s the 3rd.

Heaven forbid the rogue has to work a little to setup the fear for his disc without chastise. Also… dark arch still scary AF with mind games :joy:

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Mage can also solo cross with poly and db ring

It’s definitely still really good just opens up some ability for the other team to more consistently stop goes

Makes it way more fun for both teams imo

Queued into Disc/Frost/Sub and took like 70% from a comet storm and cone of cold when they weren’t even targeting me.

How’s that even work? I never see it hit that hard.

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Shuttered comet storm, big cone of cold (honor talent), split resonator. There was like a Shadowstrike intervened from the Rogue but I think that it was mostly the Mage.

Can’t remember if there was a jbig Penance in there.

Just kind of surprising damage.

Can’t kill the king

I was playing sub frost disc at 1900 last week. Nice change of pace to not play with a fire mage

years of google

(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

The glory days

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