Brawlers Guild How To? (Also, the Xmog is pathetic)


Where can we farm the Blood-Soaked invitation to get into the Brawlers guild?

It amazes me how they release new content with no explanation on how to access it.

PS: The mount reward is awesome and the only reason why I want to spend time completing these challenges…

PPS: The Xmog set is an absolute joke( it looks like grey rarity gear). It’s sad to see literally 0 effort put into this.


Ask someone from your guild, maybe they might have the pass. I got mine from the guild

Well yea, the Xmog should be unique for all classes but that would lot of work xD

(Genghiscohan) #3

You used to see it alot on the bmah. Also killing rares in MoP dropped it a lot.


Not sure, but everyone gets a free pass to give to friends at rank… 5 or something? Per toon, I think, despite it being an account wide invite. Ask around. Otherwise, the AH price will absolutely TANK in the next day or 2, I’m sure whatever the invites drop from is super farmable. In Legion you could go farm one up in a few minutes easy.

(Amine) #5

Supposedly it is in the notes.