BPdooms apology to @horde

Hello I’m sure some of you on the Horde have heard my name over the last week or 2 and i would like to clarify and apologize accordingly I was contacted off-stream about being bullied out of R14 if I refused to pay real money, while I was under the assumption “Them” was the main voice for those who spoke after him I was wrong so when I was contacted again ONstream I was already on edge and I believe i pushed that onto others unfairly I apologize to Zhad and ont from Dynasty i also believe that the community’s response was poor i as mentioned on stream that i was willing to work with those already ahead of me by telling them my intended caps at the start of the week
The caps I mentioned were 350k for 2 weeks and only 50k added each week

Recently I was contacted again on stream by another person from Strength who explained they were not affiliated with them and they didn’t agree with those actions and I am choosing to trust that and am attempting to work with them

And going forward if I am contacted again for another shakedown on or off stream i can know that its not supported by any guilds on this faction

While i know some will be upset with me for the inconvenience I believe it was better that this happened now and was brought to light early to limit the chance of it happening to others

Apology NOT accepted

Bracket breaker tries to break brackets set by the entire community. Tries to play victim even in his ‘apology’.

I don’t believe you; it’s awfully convenient that, multiple weeks into breaking, you just now choose to produce (extremely flimsy) exculpatory evidence, especially given that your stated motivation for breaking seems to be sticking it to some imagined mafia. It’s very clear that you do not understand either the honor system or the politics of the server, and your attempt to set caps yourself reinforces that, and casts further doubt on your story, as it’s much more consistent with an uninformed player throwing a temper tantrum than with someone being bullied by a ranking mafia. Your behavior is useful as a cautionary tale to other inexperienced players who are not connected to big guilds or ranking groups, though: if you don’t understand how stacking and caps actually work, take the time to learn by finding someone who knows what’s going on and talking to them, rather than ruining your reputation on the server forever. At this point, no serious players on this server will believe your version of these events; if you want to participate in serious raiding or pvp, you should consider transferring.


if this attempt to fix things doesn’t work id just go back to what i was doing
i have no plans to ever Xfer
I admitted where I was wrong I don’t know what else to tell you

Rommash do not understand how the honour system works, what breaking the bracket means?