Boycott AV in protest of the Horrid state of the meta

Calling for a general boycott of AV Ally side.

What is the point of playing AV in the current meta?

44 logged matches, 43 losses of those 43 losses 42 resulted in the Alliance not taking a single tower.

Only way we can force the meta to change is by refusing to que, resulting in the denial of the BG for horde.

There is no way blizzard should look at the present meta and assume Ally is ok…for whatever reason we have a very bad population of pvpers. Premades are needed in AV to prevent the garbage that has been happening for the past two months.

Devs cater to the horde, well ruin it for the both of them…refuse to que!


Preventing ANYONE from playing it is not going to make your win rate any better. You need to do what the horde did, and start fighting back. They used to be in this situation, where horde lost around the clock. It was like that for 2 months. Did they stop queuing? No. They started fighting back. Now they win. It’s your turn. You can man up like horde did, or go cry in the corner with the others that are giving up.


You lost because of premades, you cried on the forums and the devs listend to the weeping.

Now the shoe is on the other foot, and you are shocked to hear some of us find it unfair…

Horde Cried Premades Died.

Now that they have a 95% winrate because Alliance cant seem to get a higher concentration of non-droolers in the raid the bg is perfect.

I prefer the premades, when we at least stood a shot.



Horde never lost almost %100 of the time


my last AV was January 3rd. I’m happier now.


Fighting back…you all went to the forums and got premades banned. You did not adapt, overcome “man up” or anything other than cry to the devs to make the premades go away.

I hope people just begin to boycott blizzard’s little non premadeable AV so you all have 10 hour ques.


Alliance are already boycotting AV. The only people in there are rep grinders and people trying to get one win for the quest. This is a major factor in the alliance win rate.


100% great Idea

No one likes a quitter.


It requires 40 Alliance players on voice to overcome the nonsense of the AV map on a consistent basis.


Premades are a problem for both sides, not just 1. The fact is horde didn’t want to fight. Now they do, and it’s alliance that’s accepting defeat. Go ahead and boycott, but it doesn’t help your cause what so ever.


Horde have a 1 hour to 2.5 hour que from what I’ve heard. Seems like it’s ever growing since only ally rep grinding actually que for it. Horde are forever dissusional that their 95%+ winrate in AV is all because of their L33T Skillz when a normal pug game in ab/wsg has been 50/50. They’ll even try and say eu/asia ally do fine in AV which is from my gathering just something someone said on the forums once and now every horde just repeats it without ever being actually able to show the site showing these stats which makes it all probably one big lie.


Alliance just need to actually put up a fight.
The fact of the matter is that when you join as Horde, there’s one understanding
“Follow the plan”
Whatever that is.
Take SF, then push SH and onward now seems to be the meta.

As for Alliance… “Farm them at SH, turn in for rep, let them win game!”
And then about 10 people run past SH to play the “hero” in the game, end up dying before they can kill a Lt or even touch a node, while it’s now a 30+ vs 20+ at SH, Horde favored.

We don’t need to boycott anything. We need people like you to stop crying and actually PvP in a Battleground.

Stop crying, Alliance just need to stop “rep grinding” and PvP in the BG. (Did you know you get good rep from winning? :wink: )


Sorry, but I’m really enjoying the fishing.


That, and the amazing fishing.

Alliance should be the only ones allowed to make premades any BG. As to overcome the broken horde racials and map favoritism.


meta will not change
at least not within 1.12

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I’ve played both sides…

I didn’t hear any Alliance crying about the map “favoritism” the first few days when it was a zergfest and they killed Drek within the first 6-10 mins of a game.

Eventually the excuses need to end, suck it up, and actually put up a fight.

Y’all fight more on the forums for changes than you do in the actual BG :rofl:


I wont boycott AV. It’s the only bg where I can loot npc’s and fill my bags up with runecloth, greys, greens, darkmoon cards and purps. Easy 100g a week. Can’t do that in WSG or AB :upside_down_face:

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I’m in. No more AV on alli