Boy this sure is fun


Let me guess, solo running fro TP to BRM?
Yeah, you deserve to die A LOT if you’re that dumb.


Another troll that has no idea what’s happening.

You need a group of 40 to enter brm w/o dying and even then you can get wiped out.


Sooo… PvPers need to get organized on a PvP server in a multiplayer game to get to PvE content because the other side organizes? Isn’t that kindof what y’all wanted when you said that PvP servers were the only ‘real’ way to play, because it put the WAR back in Warcraft and everyone else were carebears?


The fact is that alliance players are more interested in seeing conjured water in IF than pvp.

Anyone that wants to organize can’t. And I’m sorry but I can mind control that alliance carebears into pvping.

Anyway, a lot have quit already. The pvp servers will be dead by January


Make sure you come back and screenshot your AV rank, tough guy (in the interst of self-preservation, I wont hold my breath)


But you are touching retail by playing classic.


That’s what I thought tough guy.


Imagine crying about horde having one spot while you have the whole world outside of it.

Stay mad. Horde majority on every (but one) server is a botched census


be more creative in your run, and most horde run to to BRM from TP not kargath, usually lower level horde come from kargath unless you got a group doing pvp in the pass near there. Still safer then going to TP if that is where they are all at.


This argument lacks all kinds of critical thinking… ie logic!

#1 - Tell the class what IS an “actual World pvp battle” right now in phase 2? Killing leader NPC’s in hometowns do not count in this discussion - there are NO actual wpvp battles outside of makeshift grounds.

#2 - No one, literally NO ONE, can be successful at wpvp below lvl 60. Yeah you might be able to give a few ppl a run for their money, but you will constantly be out powered by those at lvl 60. How does one get to lvl 60?

#3 - Farming dungeons is the only way to lvl on some pvp servers. Which can become a slower grind than if one were able to solo via questing due to faction pop and/or flightpath camping (Gadget).

there is a paradox in the current wpvp situation and I don’t think ANYONE has the faintest idea as to how to fix it this late in the rollout.


You don’t know?


It’s not what you’re doing but allow me.

Any battle between players out in the world.

Lol. Ok. You do realize that killing faction leaders is meant to cause wpvp? Just like camping FP, boats, zeps, and dungeon entrances.
What your faction is supposed to do is get pissed, organize, and retaliate. This is the point of pvp servers and always has been. Long before wow. This was the norm. In other games there were no premade factions. It was guild rivalries that fueled wpvp.

You’re taking about critical thinking and this is your #2 talking point? :rofl:
Define successful. Never dying or is it just getting safely into instanced pve content? I’ve been killed more than I’ve killed on my 52 hunter but I can tell you I’ve killed a few 60’s. Not one complaint about it and i haven’t quit. So to me that is successful. I knew what I signed up for and chose to casually level on a pvp server.
I can tell you this though. When I finally do hit 60 there’s going to be some bad 60’s that are going to feel every single gank I did.
That’s the point of player vs. Player. This isn’t scripted mobs we face. We face other players for that challenge.
Wpvp in every single game has always typically been: He who has the most meatshields wins! Get organized! Make balance!

No. It’s really not. Get a group. Grind mobs. Yes. It’s going to take longer. Yes. You may be ganked but that’s expected on a PvP server. This isn’t huge critical thinking. This is irrefutable fact and known for 2+ decades.
Critical thinking he says. Lol.

Well this might be your problem right here. Solo. On a pvp server? Are you insane?

Oh boy. Don’t ever speak of critical thinking again. The fix is roll PvE if you can’t make anything else happen.
Crits for over 9000 critical thinking

(Warstorm) #181

It has nothing to do with #nochanges. There are 500% more people on the servers than there were in Vanilla. That’s the problem.