Boy this sure is fun


Getting rank 14 on this game is irrelevant. It was impressive back in the day, but not anymore. It’s been done before. And the circumstances in which it was obtained in Vanilla were much more impressive than it would be in Classic. So I hope you enjoy your rank 14 set on an empty server because all the Alliance would have left by that point.


LOL, that is the point and the fun of a pvp server if you don’t like it there is pve servers.

(Chopspin) #151

Stop flying to thorium point you fools
Use Morgan’s vigil or Redridge.

I can’t believe its been over 2 weeks and we still have idiots flying to thorium point.


Not quiet sure what this means but if you think I don’t get corpse camped on my way into instances you are wrong lol. I just don’t feel a need to make a forum post about it.


Inorder to do BRD you need a group of 5…Where is your group to push forward?


If there were only other ways to get onto black rock mtn instead of landing at thorium pt…

Big brained hardly… running around in a zerg fest os neither big brained nor highly skilled. Who you fooling? Making the run from thorium point to Black rock mtn and not a stealth class or particularly good at pvp makes you pea brained.


You either dont, or refuse, to understand the underlying cause of this mess. Therefore, your contribution is mere noise. I hope you get a kick trying to bully people with your imaginary justifications while you can.


Enjoy the GY.


Sure man, 10/10 post. Thanks for adding that.


Hey man, Anathema is already alliance stacked…don’t make it worse for us…lol


lol my record is 22 deaths to get to mc.

what is yours?

btw quick secret but shh dont tell anyone (go from lakeshire to burning steeps and go in brm and go follow around the right side. there will be a ledge you can jump off on and follow it around till you can jump down to the bottom ledge near the lava).

and to be honest its not authentic to be honest.


so basically faction queues are needed to keep game with no changes ?

Maybe 2 balanced layers


Bruh, you still need to run into the mountain and there are always a train of horde running in from kargath


You don’t group up and run in as a raid?? Yikes


keep game with no changes? you mean the 5x increased server population right?


imagine a world where you try to rez anywhere and you are in sight of enemies. that’s most pvp servers for ally.


Player choice is the cause. This balance “issue” is what everyone latches onto because of these solo death run videos being posted.
Where’s the videos of groups of allies being wholesale slaughtered by being outnumbered? Where’s the videos of ally raids on Org being crushed? Where is the videos of allies defending their cities and being outnumbered?
None exist because allies don’t organize to pvp unless they are the dominant faction.
People are using personal anecdotal evidence of solo runs and people are just eating it up. There’s a lot more detail here than 1 number.

If I’m so far off base. Please explain to me how balance affects these people once they’ve corpse hopped into a pve instance. I’ll wait.

Maybe to those who know their cries of balance are BS once they get into their safe instanced pve content.

Yes cause stating facts is bullying. There is historical data that shows alliance must be enticed into wpvp.
To this day allies get extra honor and a free epics once a week on retail. Just to flag up. They have historically rolled pvp servers and complained about wpvp. Classic is no different. These are facts. You can call me a bully but it still doesn’t change these facts.
Players need to make their own solution to this. The solution is to organize, fight back, or reroll pve.
Here’s another fact for you:Everything blizz has tried didnt work because ally participation is the cause of these imbalances. Blizz gave up and made all servers pve servers. So why’s retail still imbalanced? Because most allies don’t participate in wpvp past getting their weekly epic. Fact.

Just putting this in here again in case you miss it:

If I’m so far off base. Please explain to me how balance affects these people once they’ve corpse hopped into a pve instance. I’ll wait.


You are arguing against an imaginary position.

Your facts are missing relevant to 2019. People are pointing to density, but you call them liars and cite an irrelevant history.

Go look at hk totals from release against 2019. The megaservers are a backdrop to a system that sucks, and doesn’t fit neatly into vanilla, at all. Therefore the old arguments are off mark.

Press this smilie here :smiley: if you need to feel better telling people they aren’t mad, they just couldn’t cut it and want to cuddle behind an instance, cuz you so amaze. You feel better now?

Just come back and press that smiley face anytime you feel threatened by a rational argument, couched with modern data, that removes the relevancy of your point, and thereby, the relevancy of the illusion you depend upon (people quitting because, you so amaze).


Entertain the notion the p2 wpvp sucks, cant be compared directly to vanilla, and that loads of very talented players are bored and moving on. The consequence of you staying, is again, irrelevant to the people looking for a better pvp experience.


No. I’m arguing against an ignored point because the sky is falling crowd knows it negates their balance argument.

Please point this rational argument out. The only one I’ve seen is the density. In which case. Duh. We knew this from pservers and other MMOs. People still made that choice: Roll pvp with no intentions of engaging in wpvp.

Modern data. Lol. Here i used this in another thread. It applies to every mmo ever. Regardless of time period.

This is a simple choice.

Only for those who are corpse dragging into instanced pve content solo.

Too bad for these pve’ers. They could have thought about increased pops and what happens on every pvp server in any game. Nope. They listened to streamers.

The pvp experience they qre seeking is on pve realms. They can flag up when they want and turn it off when they want. They can freely stroll into all of their safe instanced pve content. Unmolested.

Now let’s examine that. All of this crying is because of pvp happening when people choose to do something other than pvp. There’s servers that allow you to choose when you pvp and when you don’t.


Yes well after three ud rogues in full mic gear and perditions blades outplay a lvl 55 player it’s best to give them a second chance this time at half health.