Boy this sure is fun


Hey there retail death knight.
Give me a number between 1 and 10.
That is your IQ number
If you ever find out what IQ is, contact me.

If you’ve read this far youredead


my question is why do horde even find this enjoyable? I mean, its been this way for weeks now. horde raids spending hours just ganging up on players for 6-7 honor each. how miserable is your life that you find this fun for longer than 20 minutes?


Who flys to thorium point and expects to not be ganked? I don’t fly into Lights Hope because if alliance kill squads that camp the fp…god forbid you actually try to avoid pvp. Also on my server alliance gank squads of 20+ are running rampant so this isn’t just a horde problem


See my post above, Rattlegore there is always a raid of 20-30 alliance ganking people, it isn’t just horde doing it…


A fact we knew going in. Maybe a big brain would have thought that through and realized mo’ people=mo’problems. Don’t project your short comings. It’s only invalid if you ignore the facts.

Doesn’t even sound like most of you try to. Again. All you’re complaining is about getting into instanced pve content that faction balance has nothing to do with. When you get into that instance faction balance means absolutely nothing. In fact you’ve removed more people from that balance.
How is that flawed? Your whole argument is faction imbalance. The examples given are mostly from players trying to get to instanced pve content that removes them from that balance. It’s flawed alright.

Which is due in good part to player participation. Here’s another difference. Fighting over a FP, boat, zep, or town is not even closer to the same as a camped dungeon entrance.
Don’t you see the difference? The people fighting in the world are choosing to do just that. Fight in the world! They are participating.
Going into an instanced pve dungeon removes that whole party from that balance and they are choosing to not participate. Balance means nothing to these players. They weren’t going to participate.

So not impossible. Just time consuming and requires great effort. The reality is these are choices. Choices that can’t be forced. Make an adjustment if you’re not happy. Focus on the goal. Not the obstacles. These are your choices.

Every pvp server ever has had the zerg guild/group what have you. This is not new. This is the choice you made.
You can say pop caps higher or whatever you want. These same types of situations have happened on every single server, across every single game that has ever had an open world pvp ruleset.
Btw instanced pve content is a result of open world pvp bosses being nothing more than blood baths.
Yea wow has the world dragons but imagine if all of the raids were open world. Here I’ll go one more. Imagine if there was no factions and you could attack anyone in the world.
Imagine the guild rivalries that would form over those raid bosses. Imagine a raid being a zerg guild rolling in and taking over your MC after you’ve killed all the trash and summoned Rag. Lol.
This is how some old school mmo’s were. Balance in wpvp is flawed. It’s an arms race. Who ever has the most meat shields wins. If you can’t handle that or make adjustments so it doesn’t affect you as much…roll pve. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble for little pay off.
This has been known since UO. Nuance he says…:rofl:

You have options.

That’s 1 option. There’s others. My server doesn’t seem imbalanced but I can tell you leveling in the 50’s is exciting and there’s pvp opportunities aplenty.

Never said I was good. That’s you projecting. I mean. I did kill a 60 druid that tried ganking me while I had a mob on my 52 hunter that made me smile. Was even funnier when the mage I let live earlier decided to fireblast my last 10 hp. I lol’ed for real.
What? You want me to roll on heartseeker? I could but I don’t have any issues with the choices I’ve made so far. I’ve made back up plans also because I used a bit of logic and reasoning when I made my choices.
Maybe when they release TBC you guys will choose wisely. Protip: Hellfire Peninsula on a pvp server is going to be worse than BRD, TM, STV, and Sithilus combined. Choose wisely.


Lol you just keep bringing the “ppl running to instanced dungeon” as if that was a mean to all end. You still didnt answer the question : what do you do when you keep getting outnumbered by a large margin in every pvp encounters because of faction inbalance? You just say: there are options. thats a vague statement and you have no real answer because its not debatable. People can either:

  1. fight and lose after 10-15 min when more horde shows, and they will cause its 70-30 so its easy to outnumber
  2. corpse run for hours
  3. stay in IF
  4. reroll
  5. quit

See how its completly stupid.

You are not even capable of admitting there is a server imbalance problem. This conversation is futile if you cant even admit that.

Im on a balanced server so wpvp is fantastic and the real pvp happen.

20v1 aint pvp. Its just brainless honor farming abusing a flawed system. People defending it are just wrong.

Why wouldnt you want a balance server? Are you so afraid to have a retaliating faction?


hes horde and plays on a horde dominated server. he doesnt have and problems and wont see the problems we have.

he keeps bringing up the dungeon thing because he is one of the players that camps and kills people rezzing for hours on end that only have half health. he is a troll ignore him.


No its not.
We didn’t have as many a-holes as there are in game now. we got ganked but it was all in fun.
These kids now will kill camp people they don’t even get honor from.

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You thought you did, but you didn’t.

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Welcome to classic the majority of players we in denial and had nostalgia glasses on. The truth about reality is an eye opener


Might have an iq of 4 but at least I know how to pick the proper server type LOL.


A level 120 rogue should’t have any problems with this.

Some suggestions. Don’t land at Thorium point, land at the other spot in Burning Steppes. If you did make a mistake and landed in a bad spot, wait for an opportune moment to rez and run away when you can. Use an invisibility potion to buy yourself some time to get away and mount up. Go into BRM the back way.

There are ways to avoid being camped if you just put some thought into it. Or you can complain on the forums.


I mean, there will be queues for us Horde, but I doubt anything of significance since we have cross realm BGs.


U[quote=“Swaee-kelthuzad, post:1, topic:375876, full:true”]

Land in Thorium Point
Start mounting up
Get killed by horde
revive 40 yards from my body
take 2 steps
get killed by horde again
revive 40 yards from my body
take 2 steps
get killed by horde again

40 minutes of this and i finally make it inside of BRD. so this is authenthic vanilla experience i’ve heard so much about.

No because In vanilla the server pop cap was around 3k but in classic it is 12-15k. You have 5x as many ppl crammed into he same playing area. World pvp is very different in classic. This is why people wanted nochanges. Blizzard happened on a very good formula with vanilla

In vanilla the fights usually happened inside BRM which would be littered with skeletons but you wouldn’t corpse hop all the way from FP typically. And it was fun.


And People act like if you aren’t enjoying yourself With this current mess it must be 100% your fault

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If you’re not bringing a raid group to do MC then why even waste your play time getting to BRD.

I can sympathise with:

  1. I’m doing my ony attunement
  2. I’m doing my MC attunement

Excluding those two logical reasons there is no good reason for you to waste your play time with Black Rock Mountain.

  1. you can get more XP faster running ST, Stratholm, Scholomance or Questing that spending time in BRM.

  2. BRM instances are lower XP per HR than any other at the appropriate level.

  3. You do not need BiS loot in Molten core, it’s just a fact that you dont. BiS lists were made for speed clearing MC by fresh 60’s by players who’re 20X more skilled than you; they do not make mistakes.

  4. You’re here clearly proving all my points just by posting about world PvP.


Do you?

If you’ve read this far youredead


You don’t even see how that throws your “imbalance” issue out the window. Once you’re in that instance balance can be 90:1 and it does not matter.

You make a choice. Is this worth it? Should I continue or should I change something. I can suggest what you should do until the end of time but it’s your choice.
For someone who speaks of nuance you sure are having a hard time with this.

Yea. That’s a few things rhey can do. They can go outside. Read a book. Maybe even talk to a girl. It’s their choice. They can even reroll on a pve server and never have this problem again. I know. I know. That solution isn’t good enough. Why not? What is it? Pride? The fact is there are options.

Choices are not stupid but people do make stupid choices. Like rolling a pvp server when they aren’t willing to engage in pvp or suffer the consequences of being outnumbered on a pvp server.

So what are you complaining for?

Which is exactly what people signed up for on pvp realms. Again. This is not new. This happened in older games then wow. This is not new information.
The whole carebear/pve server ruleset came about because of old school pvp servers. We knew this going in. People made bad choices with good information.

Never said I didn’t. What i don’t want is blizz trying to force faction balance when the issue is not just faction ratio. Participation is a bigger driving force in this topic than is realized. That is why faction queues wont work.
Players have the power and platforms to organize and help balance this out. Blizz shouldn’t do anything. You want balance? Organize it.

No. I encourage it. Organically. By the players. Without blizz.

I’ve heard its closer to 50/50 with a possible ally advantage and allies being a bit more organized but nice try.

The problems you have are a result of your choices. You continue to have those problems by not utilizing one of the many options before you.

No. I keep bringing up the dungeon thing because most of the complaints are about dungeons being camped and not being able to do instanced pve content due to a 40 minute corpse run into said dungeon. Blaming faction balance when all you want is a clear path to your safe space instanced pve content on a pvp server.
Guess what? The road to pve on a pvp server goes through PvPville. It’s paved with the bones of pve’ers who wouldn’t be face down, buttocks up, in the dirt on a pve server but they chose poorly.


No we won’t.

You greatly overestimate the number of people willing to ever play any form of retail ever again.

A very large number of us quit retail long ago, only came back for classic, and will UNCONDITIONALLY NEVER touch retail again, ever, no matter what.


amen brother