<BOUND TO FAIL> 3/12M - 12/12H NA - Tank, Ranged DPS

Bound To Fail is a Tues / Weds 8-11PM EST mythic orientated guild looking to push Cutting Edge next tier. We are an adult guild who are looking for exceptional players to join our ranks. We server transfered from Alliance to Horde for 8.3.

Must be able to make our raid times. Maintain a solid attendance. We need players who excel at their class and can fully understand logs, as well as their class. Must be able to take criticisim and be willing to improve.
70 NECK / Proper rank 3 Essences.

Raid Time:
Tuesday / Wednesday 8-11 PM EST

Considering All roles but highly needing Fire Mage , Boomkin, Warlocks!

Disc Priest

Xernion (GM):
BNET : Dripz#1507
Discord: Dripz#9117

Bump in passing to make up for accidentally ghosting lol

Xernion knows his stuff- give him a chance!
They may be only killing first 4 bosses at the moment, but look at those logs in detail and you will see this is more than a scrub guild :slight_smile:

Looking for Warlock, Mage, Boomkin!

Need a warlock (capable of multi spec)

Looking for Ranged dps!

Need 1 tank and 1 healer

Need ranged dps!!!

Group of returning players looking for a home. 443 fire mage, 440+ BM hunter (open to playing lock as well), and a 446 prot warrior tank. If you’re still looking for players would love to chat!

Looking for dps and a healer!

Watch out, members of this guild are known to spike keys.

What are you talking about, this the second post you have ever made on this character the first one said the same thing on a different guilds post. Thanks for the bump though