Botting in WoW classic

I can’t level a character without encountering a lot of players who are clearly botting. They have predictable movments, they don’t respond to any interaction at all. It feels unfair, they steal my kills. Either Blizzard should stop letting them get away with this, or publish the botting software they are using so we all get a sign up to it so we have a fair chance of keeping up with botting progression and gold farming/selling.

Has Blizzard addressed this? Or are they just hoping nobody notices it until their next classic BC expansion set? I feel like I am paying for a monthly subscription that I’m not getting much enjoyment from any more because all the characters I encounter are all bots.

“Has Blizzard addressed this”

They ban thousands of accounts per month. That’s the global number by the way, so it’s probably all EU/China/etc and 0 per month in America.

That seems unfortunate. Which servers, and areas are you leveling?

I have only encountered 1 questionable character so far, and have been playing and leveling several characters since release.

Nope they refuse to fix this:

Do you work for Blizzard?

No. I’m not interested in working for a game company. It tends to be harder work for less reward than other software companies.

Do you work?