Botting in Azshara on Bigglesworth

This is getting pretty frustrating.
So, I’m a warlock, trying to work towards by BiS pre-raid as I approach 60. I really love Classic, and never got to experience it when it was live. I started with TBC. Back then, gold farming bots were a big problem; they always have been. This is still true today.

So, I’m over in Azshara last night and there’s a Troll hunter… moving, attacking very strangely. Robotic. So, I banish one of his mobs. No reaction, just auto attacks. I fear the mobs, I snipe them from him on purpose- he continues in his circle farming the demons that I’m trying to farm for felcloth, so I can make my robes of the void at 60. I’m almost maxed out on tailoring.

This was, and is, obviously a bot. I keep doing this until a real person gets behind the keyboard.

‘no doing’ he types out, in completely broken English.

I reported the account last night at around 1AM EST. I came back just now and he’s STILL HERE. SINCE LAST NIGHT at 1AM. That’s more than 12 hours later! How has this account NOT been banned? How is an account that’s logged into the same zone for 12 hours, clearly not controlled by a player, breaking ToS and making things bad for the rest of us, allowed to continue? Look, if it was other human competition that’s different; but botting is disgusting.

I’ve been home sick for a week and trying to hit 60, it would be nice to just be able to chill out and grind and listen to a podcast or an album without worrying about botting gold farmers!


I would try asking friends to report bots too…I think the way the reporting system works is a character needs a certain number of reports before it gets to a GM.

I’m not saying that’s a good system, or the way it should be, but it’s what we’re dealing with.


Unfortunately, it takes longer than that for them to investigate a bot.

Sometimes, a LOT longer.

Not being funny, but you can’t expect everyone you SUSPECT of being a bot to “poof” the minute you report them. It just doesn’t work that way.

I reported someone I suspect of botting the other day and I’m still waiting to see him disappear. I know it won’t happen any time soon.

Of course; I’m certainly not looking for instant gratification, but it’s still frustrating that the dude has CLEARLY been on since 1am, has not stopped, and there’s no systems to detect this. Just seems… unfortunate, and it certainly ruins the game for others. Again, this person is a 60 hunter farming legashi in Azshara. Dude is gonna sell the account, the gold, ETC. and ruin the game for others even more in the future.

the first banwave for bots took what…9 months? and that was conveniently right after a popular youtuber exposed blizzard for doing nothing the entire time(literally within a few days of his video getting posted). They don’t care much and are vastly under staffed because that saves them $$$. Truthfully… Actiblizzard doesn’t deserve your money.


There are several factors that help the botters . The botters are keenly aware of them, infact they are not all concerned about being reported.

It may take months (8 months…) for an action to be taken. If the account is taken down the botter is most likely banned for 6 months. The gold seller and/or botter will have another account up and running in the event account/s are banned. 6 months latter the account that was banned is up and running.

In order for ban waves to be effective, they must happen much faster to affect profit.

Bring back in game / Live GMs to interact with players. Yes ,this costs money but blizz makes enough for sure

They’re still here, they never went anywhere.

There are no in game tickets. No GM interaction with players anymore. Automated system is what we have now

This isn’t true, it’s demonstrably false.

It is indeed true friend. Live GMs are a thing of the past. You can no longer submitt a ticket in game and recieve a response from a GM and chat with them live in game. Sure you can go to the support page and recieve live chat but not on your character in game. GM no longer do that.

There have been tons of posts on reddit from people showing their extensive conversations in-game with live GMs.

These are from GMs contacting the player not vice versa