Botting and gold buying is destroying this game

Report them

Report them for what? Saying they bought gold? Sorry but people lie to impress others, I have no concrete proof. This is something blizzard should be monitoring. Also, I’m not a snitch on people. Bots is one thing, friends of friends, im good on that.

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Then you’ve no right to complain about people buying gold. If you’re going to “take the high ground” and not report your friends for buying gold and contributing to this, then pat yourself on the back and move on.


I have absolutely the right to complain bud. When someone blows a red light do you make a citizens arrest on them or report them to the police? No you don’t. We can all agree blowing a red light is a bad thing if it becomes a problem we should talk to our police (the people in charge) to enforce this better.

Besides, I have no concrete proof they bought gold. Someone saying they bought gold isn’t proof they bought gold. Lots of people like to flex how much they make IRL.


I dunno, Officer. I didn’t see nuthin’.

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Agree 100%.

The hacks need to be fixed server-side ASAP.

See here:

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They don’t need proof to launch an investigation. Technically they don’t need proof to suspended/ban anyone either.

I agree. But they don’t so :man_shrugging:

It’s a video game. Don’t worry. You won’t lose your street cred.


If your not going to snitch on people why complain at all?


Thanks for this long saga about your inner thoughts. Thank goodness none of this is actually happening in the game!

Nobody agrees with that. There is no country on earth that has so many policemen that a policeman can be at every red light 24/7. That’s crazy talk.

If you know a person, say a guildie who buys their gold, do everyone a favor and RAT THEM OUT!

They’re the reason bots and gold sellers exist.

If there’s no one to buy gold, the gold sellers won’t make any money and infact lose out.

Don’t worry wow token will fix the problem.


Lol, the trick is to report your friends but never tell them you did. I don’t get it, do you just allow your friends to repeatedly do and get away with morally reprehensible stuff? You aren’t a very good friend, are you?

And yeah, if you know of a gold buyer and don’t report him/her you’re in the wrong and can’t complain about bots.

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If you know the person? You tell them to cut that crap or you’re not getting into the car with them again.

I’m not starting drama. This is blizzards game. Fix it.

Look at me, I just did it. I didn’t report my friend’s friend and I complained. Tough stuff.

I mean … you are not wrong

Are you trying to imply that botting/buying gold is morally wrong? rofl


This is the way. Only problem from their perspective is, they’ve waited too long. At this point, a significant chunk of players have bought gold. I don’t believe Blizzard would be willing to ban them all.

It’s a chicken or the egg type argument. Are people buying gold because of botting and server size causing a scarcity of resources? Or are people botting because so many players are buying gold?

Either way, it’s hard to raid with consumes and stuff and have enough time to farm without playing numerous hours during the week.

This is a good point. With the economy so inflated, you either have to spend several hours a week farming gold or about an hour or two of IRL time to earn the money to buy it. Many players seem to be choosing the latter.

Considering botters and gold buyers have a blatant disregard for other people’s enjoyment of the game, yes. You can’t do something if it will harm thousands.

It doesn’t have to be illegal to be frowned upon. Do you think people who, for example, invade others’ Minecraft servers solely to hack/grief/ruin it aren’t displaying sociopathic behavior?