Bots in wPvP

how has wPvP been taken over by bots. guys who afk farm for weeks with all buffs on and zone at 1% every time. you can form groups and try kill them but its impossible. they will zone. they are on fresh accounts and non stop farm. I have the guys names and have reported them but a single report doesnt get rid of the accounts or even flagged probably. Blizz needs something like Vanguard (riots) anti-cheat. it works so well and would solve the issue.


Blizzard already has its own anti cheat going by the name of Warden. Obvious hacking such as fly hacking or moving at very high speeds will set it off and it’ll accordingly auto ban. It also detects bots and what not but it won’t auto ban for that.

Likely reason being is because Blizzard tends to ban bots in waves instead of on the spot, since it’ll give away what it is that triggers Warden and bot programmers will know what to avoid.

Just keep reporting them though. It’s a shame but it is what it is. The war against botting is never ending for game companies.

just turn pvp server off. this helps to prevent cheaters, people will stop. neither people do not like getting ganked.

There are no PvP servers, how can you turn off something that doesn’t exist.

that is cause i am on normal server. this balance the problem. you want pvp, then turn warmode on. if not keep off. this is why.

Everyone is on a normal server, unless you’re on an RP server. I’m still confused by what you meant by, “just turn PvP server off” lol.

Did you mean turn War Mode off?

You seem confused what the OP is talking about.

yes. that is true. only some put warmode on. but most put it off.

this makes no sense lol. pvp is fun. botting is not. blizzard should fix there game

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well too bad. you do pvp in bg. mostly people do not want to be bothered outside when doing quest.

I think you’re missing the point entirely dude… You good? You’re always missing the point of these posts in an attempt to come into any PvP thread to say, “who cares, PvP is bad!”

Saw this today near the wild proto drake quest. A hunter and mage with bounties/full buffs that swapped/kicked at the same. And if you got them down to near death…poof! Disappear.

We finally managed to kill the hunter fast enough before he could zone. Curiously his mage “friend” left the scene after that.:wink: One of us was recording it and encouraging others to report.

Whats the benefit to bot, especially world pvp? Is there a gold selling angle I dont know about?

Well the bots aren’t there to WPvP, the bots are there to farm herbs and nodes. You might ask why would they be doing this in War Mode of all places where they can be killed, and the answer to that is Rousing Ire.

You can only obtain Rousing Ire from PvP, such as BG caches, War Mode crates, etc. You can also obtain it from glowing red nodes that are only available in War Mode. You’re getting extra from herbalism/mining just by having War Mode on. That’s why the node bots have War Mode enabled.

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Gotcha. In SL as Sub Rogue Id hunt bots herbing for fun. I didn’t realize they had gotten as good in combat as they did until I saw some youtube videos showing them winning rated pvp matches in the recent months. Scary times.