Bots have ruined the economy. Something really needs to be done about this

On my server, rare materials such as Black Lotus sell for so cheap there is no point in farming them anymore (50g). Bots and teleport hackers have officially ruined this game. Black Lotus used to go for 100-140g a piece. That would mean a player would theoretically need 8-10 black lotus to afford their epic mount (I know there are better ways to make gold, I’m using this as an example). Now a player would need 20+. This is completely unacceptable. Professions are becoming as useless as they are in retail due to cheaters.

Stop with these 6 month bans. If someone gets banned for botting, make it permanent again. If you find out a business is running bots to gold farm, take the websites down and/or take them to court like you did with the creators of Glider. If you can do that with private servers, you can do it for gold farmers and botters. Remember when people were terrified to use bots due to ban waves (remember the glider ban?). Now people don’t seem to care.


At this point, unfortunately, the damage is more or less done. You can ban the bots, but there’s so much gold in circulation right now that the money sinks the game has available won’t be enough to siphon it off in any reasonable timeframe.

The bots need banned, the gold buyers and sellers need punished as well. But the economy is going to remain blown out for the forseeable future. The only thing we can hope for is Blizzard learns from this mistake and drops the hammer on them in TBC with prohibitive frequency.

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The solution is for Blizzard to fix teleport and fly hacks server side.