Bots / Cheaters

How many of you have reported a bot / cheater and see that nothing has been done about?

Have reported the same bot / cheater at least a half dozen times for having a fishing bot that runs 24 hours a day. You will probably find it right now on the Benediction server in Hinterlands hiding behind the hill at the back of the village.

Nothing seems to be done about these guys. This is only one of several that I see everyday.


I got a piece of mail in-game sent by Blizzard a few weeks ago. Apparently, a bot was banned as a result of a report I had made.

I’ve literally reported the same bot running around Un’goro five times THIS WEEK. I’ve been reporting it for about three weeks now and nothing has happened. I’ve resorted to camping the body to give it a long res timer.

I’ve been trying to think about this logically: the amount of bots the game has seen over the last couple months is staggering and I’m sure it’s incredibly hard for Blizzard to keep up. I’m sure the amount of reports they are getting is astronomical and it’s hard to sift through the actual reports and the false reports. However, I feel like after three weeks of reporting the same bot over and over again that the bot would of been banned by now - but it hasn’t. I don’t want to buy into the conspiracy that Activision is purposely delaying banning or makes it a slow process because they still get money from bot accounts, but I’m starting to believe it. I’ve reported the same 4 hunter bots outside DMN for the last couple of weeks and they are still there. I don’t know.

I have reported no less than 4 in past 2-3 weeks. Have seen the same ones over and over. Watched one level to 60 as I added to friends list to keep tabs on. Two seem to be MIA (presumed banned) but cannot confirm because I don’t remember exact names.

My favorite are the fly hacking ones that get videos taken and sent, but keep doing it for months with no action. Apparently some guildies have gotten confirmation in classic that bots have been actioned, but I’ve never actually seen one.

Here is the solution: