Bots, Bots and more Bots(Boomkins)

I saw a trail of like 25 cheetah travel form druids farming herbs in ardenweald wm the other day.

You’d think it would be easy to delete them.


Who runs a 25 character bot train when nodes have a 10 gather cap :thinking:

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Funny one of the top S tier specs are the muli box bot spec.

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I may have miscounted, but there were a lot of cats speeding past me in a line.


I saw some new bear tank bots today…and I mean 2mins ago. Would be nice if blizzard tried to stop botting.

They do but

That’s their only goal in life, not the ‘I’m gonna bot because I don’t know how to make gold otherwise’ regular players but the big botting organizations. Their only priority is circumventing whatever Blizzard comes up with.

Whenever I see them I just try to tag everything they’re fighting with mass AoE spam and let them do my quests or level me up :slight_smile:

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Bots are destroying the game on many levels. step up with more aggressive measures to battle these parasites.


There is two huge groups of Boomkins botting on Mannoroth at El’ dranil Shallows in Azsuna right now.

This is pretty wild, theres got to be at least 30-45 of them right now on Tich.

It’s fascinating how many people get their noses out of joint about bots.

Im not sure if I’ve ever posted on these forums, but I’ve run into 2 groups of bots so far in the past 2 days. Always druids, always balance…never fails. The most recent one is Troll Druids in Torga’s Rest in BFA. Made a report but again…will unlikely stop them. It’s killing the game really. I’m thinking that there should be a 1 druid per account rule. I know that won’t be popular, but druid botting would become much more expensive. I’m sorry for the rant, it just gets under my skin.


I’ll assume you mean bnet account since they are already on different accounts, to which their response would be to just make many bnet accounts and you will have frustrated the playerbase to cause an ever so mild inconvenience of botters

That wasn’t a very thought out plan that I proposed. I reckon it’s just the frustration talking.

Why not report them? Then move around them (if you can) and move one. Just make sure that you get the server names too.

Edit1: If Blizz really wants to get rid of them, put a bounty on them. For every actionable report you will get a bind-on-account box that has some loot in it with a chance of some nice gear, mount, pet or toy (gear would still be BOA). If Blizz did this, then the bots would be hunted. all. the. time.


It’s all good I can understand that lol, my vote is still to ban payment methods :+1:

Bank Card
Azkriel Fizzcrank
xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

Banned from Blizzard services for exploiting, what do they do now? Get a new bank card will take time and will just get banned as well, PayPal takes (took when I set mine up in 2012) 2 days to deposit that 2 cents in the account so you can prove it’s yours, I don’t think it would stop them but I do think it would slow them down more than the current system.


I came up with a macro to help with that


This reminds me of a bot I found in FF14 years ago. He was teleporting in a pattern, so I pulled aoe mobs to the spot that hit him so he couldn’t loot herbs.

Fun times.

I haven’t seen these bots in WoW yet, but could you pull a elite mob over to kill them?

Definitely report them when I see them, and get my courtesy mail saying thank you, yada yada. The payment thing though…I can see how that would be super frustrating for botters. I second that. Lol

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Doubtful since when you lose the Aggro on the Elite it go’s back to where it normally wanders.