Bots Bots and more Bots

Blizzard, I appreciate the messages about bot banned a few months ago, but they are back in full force! Why is it so challenging to identify bots and get rid of them in Classic? The same bots are doing the same things in the same locations; they don’t seem to change their ways in classic. Visually I can easily spot bots, so I don’t understand why it’s so hard to it programmatically.

On Smoderweb, there are always 10-20 unguided mages hanging out strat, 10-15 unguided hunters hanging out in Dire maul, a handful of unguided mages in ZG. Off the coast of Descolace, there is always 3-5 level 44 druids farming the fish traps. Almost every zone has a random hunter with no guilds, still wearing BOE’s with a boar pet; they never mount even when they aren’t mobs around. Private vanilla servers did a much better job of getting rid of cheaters; why is it so hard for a company like Blizzard to get rid of them in a timely manner?

Relying on the community to report cheaters simply isn’t working. I report them to no end, and it doesn’t seem to help. I generally add bots to my friend’s list after writing them just to see if any action is taken. I reported four druids off the coast Descolce only to watch them farm for nearly seven weeks before they were banned. I’m sure you ban 1000’s bots a day, but it seems like you need to take more drastic measures to get rid of them.


The simple answer is that P-Server did not have to worry about the bottom line or have stock holders and a board of directors breathing down their necks to keep profits up and subscriber counts high.

These bots mean accounts and subscribers and Blizzard knows they represent a decent portion of the volume of new game key purchases month over month, so they just ban the accounts a little at a time but do not really want to find a permanent fix as doing so would drop the volume of new account creations and game key purchases.


Bots are everywhere and vastly abusing TELEPORT HACKS. Blizzard needs to fix the fly/teleport hacking that is rampant right now.

I think Startuptimpa is a bot. This is the third post where they basically cut and paste the same reply to every thread they can.

Blizzard, chat bots are everywhere and vastly abusing chat threads to push their own agendas. Blizzard you need to fix chat bots right now.

3 right now.



Delimicus, why are you trying to back up with correct numbers? Do you want info taken from Herod?

  • Strat: 20 mages, 18 unguilded
  • Dire maul: 31 hunters, 7 unguilded, 8 in high population botting guilds
  • ZG: 19 mages, 13 unguilded.

And btw… this doesn’t account for the accounts that are already locked 30/30 instances.

Keep polling especially in the evening/early morning for china. Last night there were 3 teams of 4 mages/3 priests. You forgot to look for the farming druids too. Where there 3-4-5 on right now?

Just logged in for the evening 6 pm server - all with no guilt
12 mages with 3 priests in strat
4 hunters in scholo
9 hunters in DM
5 mages in ZG
4 druids lvl 44 in descolace

i reported a bot in hinterlands 6 weeks later hes still fishing also 1 in ratchet