Bots are back

They’re infesting the zones again, ruining many open world spots and making some areas completely unusable.

I’ve been reporting them every day, but I never see them disappear, please do something about it.


Don’t bother reporting, they ban in waves, and likely already know who they are. It’ll be a while.

citation needed.

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I have literally been reporting the same 2 mages farming in dm east for over a month and they are still there… afk running into a locked out portal not even responding when someone kills them. Bliz doesn’t care as they are paying for a sub. Bottom dollar is all that matters.


They’re not back.

They’ve always been here. Everywhere in fact. You just didn’t know it and the devs don’t care.


They walk amongst us, in plain-clothes. Your neighbor could be a bot, your grocer, your boss… I could be a bot. Dang… I’m gonna go lay down for a bit.


There is no citation because it’s simply not true. It’s a common narrative that players try to push but if you take even 1 second to look at the facts, you’ll realize that it’s been stated numerous times that they ban bots daily.


They claim they do*. Just do /dire maul 60 and filter by guild and youll see. Most of the bots if not all have been there since before the supposed ban wave. I can tell you I am able to walk on water, will you take my word for it?

No, because you’re just a random forum poster. So when you say

I will also not take your word for it.

Will I take the word of a multi-million dollar company, that stands to lose a lot for lying? Yes, I would.

Go back to retail, you’re a troll. If I see the same bots where I farm month after month and they are still there after the ban wave it’s pretty obvious that it did nothing. But tell me how much you play classic and what you see.

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You must be new here

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I’m guessing you’ll call this a lie too?

Sorry, it’s not as bad as you want it to be. Unless you have proof of your claims, I no longer wish to engage with you.

They never left.

They did do a ban wave. It thinned the bots for a week or two - but they weren’t all gone. And now they’re back.

Almost like ban waves don’t work and just make threads like that to win brownie points.


They do both ban waves and daily bans.

If it’s not a 100% fix, does that mean it’s worthless? If it thinned bots, that’s a good thing.

Are you claiming that every single bot came back or just some? If the former, do you have any data to support this claim? Seems unlikely since the 30 instance a day cap caused the profits of botting to be cut significantly.

If the latter, as long as some bots didn’t come back, that’s a win in my eyes.

So, they opened character create back up for Herod today and it’s been almost 12 hours so I figured I should do a cursory /who of mages within a reasonable level range. So I did /who for mages 1-30 and the majority of them are unguilded. One is in a confirmed farmer guild (Goon Squad Platinum)

Maybe it’s anecdotal but I am certain the majority of players in this screenshot are botters or farmers.

i (dot) imgur (dot) com/WItDtET.png

I also did a /who of hunters 1-30 and there are a bunch of them with clearly just mashed keyboard names. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

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Blizzard already posted about this. 70,000 in a month, right?

Blizzard IS CONTINUING TO DO THIS. Do they have to send you a post every day? Do you think they ONLY do things when they send you a post?

No action by Blizzard will totally eliminate bots. Bots are not “back” – they never left. Blizzard will keep fighing them, and new bots will keep coming.

Keep reporting. But expecting Blizzard to eliminate them all is silly. That is impossible.

So what?

Assuming you are honest, you saw TWO bots. Meanwhile, Blizzard banned 70,000 bots. That is not “doing nothing”. Blizzard did not catch THOSE TWO bots. So what? Blizzard is not your personal servant. Those 2 bots are not “top priority” because of you. You aren’t special.

Nobody ever said that Blizzard can catch/eliminate EVERY bot. We all know that is impossible. So failing to catch 2 bots is not “doing nothing”.

That is a lie. A blue post even said this is a lie – Blizzard loses money on every bot. Blizzard has NEVER had a policy of tolerating bots for their subs.

I believe Blizzard. If you say something different, I don’t believe you.

Besides, why would bot companies PAY for subs? In WoW, you can play for free, by using retail gold. I do it. Why not botters? How hard is it to set up a few bots to farm in retail, then get all your subs for free?

Just keep reporting them. It can take some time for Blizzard to get to those reports and do an investigation. They won’t just ban them on your word, they have a process they have to go through to make sure they are indeed bots and not just some poor brain-dead player playing badly.

I think I put in about a dozen or so reports about a Mage bot in Winterspring. I put one in every day for a week when I spotted her on her route. It took some time, but Blizzard did eventually ban the character and I haven’t seen them in-game to this day. I imagine it is a time-consuming process for them to investigate, so just keep those reports flowing. :slight_smile:


Works so well, doesn’t it?

Blizzard makes extra money on everyone who “plays for free.” Those tokens cost more money than a regular sub.