Borrowed power and systems gone now…

Now, without those now we can truly see which class is more balanced and which needs work and which needs to be nerfed and or buffed or a combination of both. (After 3 expansions worth of systems and borrowed power it’s truly over now in Dragonflight)

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I wouldn’t say they are gone, tier sets for example are technically borrowed power.

I was talking about expansion level borrowed power.


Thats a good one chase have you seen the state of dk and ret recently they have no idea how to balance.

Dh untouched

shadow priest probably THE most broken spec in pvp right now got buffed through the atmosphere.

You think balancing is over. No, it’s not.

Tier sets still fall underneath of that definition by having modifications of what bonuses they provide. If we had the exact same class design and tier sets from tier 1 till now, then tier sets wouldn’t fall under expansion-specific borrowed power.

Also class and spec design is an expansion-specific borrowed power too.

I feel like they are probably fully aware the dk nerfs were way overboard but they have no plans of reverting them cause they have not even come forth with a admission that they believe it was overkill. soo

not really gone, just returned back to Armor sets as the only power that is temp which is how it should be, puts more focus on the class , talents etc as the primary damage and the gear should only amplify that.

It’s a LOT easier to balance, but not license to take it easy and slack off Blizzard.

Class>spec>group-raid-BG-arena comp>gear>skill.

Class matters more then anything right now and skill matters less then anything

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Exactly. If someone plays a better class/spec than you, unless you overly outgear that one your skill won’t overcome. But marginalizing gear in the inequality helps a lot. I’m so glad we emerged out of the Borrowed Power era.

Ditch the dead and decay class

Embrace the demon

Gearing my arcane mage after the holidays. Most fun its been since Legion.

The imbalance is glaring hard right now. Wish they would address this glass cannon design of WW that only has a cannon in short windows. More sustain, less burst gimmick, and maybe a main heal that heals for more than half of what a DH’s poop fragment can.

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