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Hey Bornakk I wanted to know what is Blizzard’s position moving forward in regards to communication.
a CM in Brazil’s forum has stated that Blizzard gave the order to “reduce communication across the board” in terms of community comunication, was that a Brazil-only thing or was it to other countries as well?

Can we expect to see less replies to feedback? None at all? More?


Why have they done this Dad.


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We will not be ignoring the community. That said, I don’t mean to dodge the question but I would prefer to let our actions speak for themselves as we work through these changes because ultimately you and the rest of the community are the ones who will judge just how much we are communicating and listening to you. We are here though. :slight_smile:


To be fair this is what we were told about the future of Diablo and look how that’s gone.


That’s good, may I be bold and ask you to take a walk around the Priest forums? Discipline needs some love in PvP right now, there might be a thread or two with some feedback and discussion that could use some love

The community perception was that communication was already lacking. Ion has said they would like to do better with it. How is a reduction in the number of CMs going to do anything other than decrease communication?


To be honest, don’t see it getting better. Good some are around but really…you don’t communicate more with less people when as a company you don’t communicate out from the top or are told not to reply (as i am sure things are really there)

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To be fair though, you don’t know anything about the future of diablo, since we know 4 is in the works, but little else.

Nice to see a blue after this mess.


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We know 4 was in the works before the team got split to separate projects. The future of Diablo is Diablo: Immortal, they need to communicate that they’re actually working towards another title, but with confirmation that no new releases are happening in 2019 mean they’re not doing anything.

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This is a good question. It’s pretty negative right now… and rightfully so, really. Most of us are pretty sad to see the yak go. We want to know that it won’t… make things worse than it already seems to be going.


You don’t have a reliable source for any of that, do you? Also, this may come as a shock, but games take time to make.

Correct. They already announced Diablo Immortal. That is being done by the Incubation team. Diablo 3 has been moved to the Classic Games team, although I can’t confirm that. Pretty sure it is true. Team 3 (the main Diablo franchise team), is working on an Unannounced project they are hiring heavily for. They already announced their Mobile game, so chances of it being a second mobile game for the same franchise is slim.

They also committed yesterday to putting 20% more resources into WoW, Diablo, OW, HS, CoD, and Candy Crush as franchises with heavy development in the pipeline.


I’d believe this if it were pre-WoD.


I think the biggest sore spot is communication from the devs. It was pretty low this time around in Alpha and Beta and it felt to me that they were probably pressed for time and this was pretty much confirmed by Ion when he said they barely had time to come up from air. And of course I’m not counting the private conversations they have with players. Maybe it’s something to do with why they are putting more juice into the development teams across several IPs.

It’s really unfortunate what happened yesterday though. I know companies do what they have to do but I hate to see that happen :confused:


The numberous Diablo developers that went over to WoW prior to Legion, kind of the big reason why there were so many Diablo Influenced systems added in Legion.

Current PoE employees that used to work on Diablo, and the prevalence of news articles last November of the details of 4s development being wipes as it wasn’t looking good.

Games take time to make, but it’s been five years since Reaper of Souls and they’ve nothing to show for it.

Warcraft, not World of Warcraft.