Booted back to login during RSS

How many times does your game have to bug out in a row before I get banned for not finishing the shuffles I intended to?

If you’re not going to balance the game, can we at least get bug fixes?

I haven’t seen anything to suggest that they’re actively punishing repeat shuffle leavers.

Maybe they aren’t acting on it, but they clearly laid out the possibility.

Either way, the point is I’m not voluntarily leaving these matches. The game has multiple bugs that the community has been vocal about since launch that are just going entirely ignored.

Yeah, it’s not something that I’m advising, just something you aren’t going to get bonked for.

I’ve had to leave a few because of all the hours in the day, my pager goes off during the 5 minutes I’m actively in a match.

I try to apologize, depending on what the call is and if I have time to type sorry. Real life tends to intrude unexpectedly.

Maybe so. I don’t really care about the leaving part as much, my point is the game is bugged.

This ret paladin debacle is largely minimal. It may be a little unwise to queue into ret dominated solo shuffles right now, but the main reason I decide to stop queueing for the day is because even if I play well against a bad matchup (which ret generally isn’t for a warlock), I might wait 45 minutes just to:

-DC because the game just decides thats what’s happening
-Have hunter nameplate disappear at an annoying time
-Lag out because OCE is here
-Have my UI just take a dump and stop working
-Have my bnet friends list just disappear on me
-Any combination of these, continually

Balance has never been perfect, and I’ve played through multiple expansions of OP opposition. That’s not why people aren’t playing. It’s because the game doesn’t work, and there is not even a sign of acknowledgement.


In the spirit of providing the right information and help, ThreatPlates does fix the hunter bug. It’s unfortunate you have to rely on an addon to fix a bug, but it’s an option. And it’s pretty good to have for PvP in general.

They mentioned fixing this but only in the notes for next patch which is…next season.

What determines server location? Is it who takes the queue first?

Sounds about right. I’d venture to bet it won’t be fixed, either.

I’m not sure, but I also don’t care to investigate. It’s not my field of expertise.

Fact is it doesn’t work.

At last check OCE doesn’t have a large enough population to segregate their queues.

While I understand that, massive lag in a rated format doesn’t benefit anybody. I would much rather the queues be longer and the game be imbalanced, at least you’re in control and responsible within these parameters.

To have a game with random bug interference in rated play flat out reduces the integrity of said game.

OCE would probably stop getting pops entirely.

I mean, what do you want me to say here? That’s unfortunate, but whats the point of the charity case here if the game isn’t working?

The real question is How many times can they afk/quit an RSS match before they can expect a penalty?

aka how many times can they dodge a Ret Pally match lol

Every match has multiple right now. If that’s you’re goal, you’ll be down to 0cr by end of day.