Boosting a warlock how hard is it to play?

I love my hunter but im getting bored of spamming aimed shot 10000 times. Warlocks are nice but I dont want a compilcated class.

if you dont want a complicated class dont boost a warlock, just saying.


Destro is at the mercy of RGNesus and mob count once you acquire 4pc, til then kinda useless. Demo is alright, a lot of people find it fun. I do not, but I don’t like anything not DoT centric. Affliction is the new Feral, just with closet, health stones and a few portals, plus tankier.

Affliction has so much button bloat with so little reward compared to most other specs it really is basically ranged Feral druid.

All in all, I guess I wouldn’t boost it right now.


Play Destro. It’s not complicated, but as stated above you do need RNG drops to be on your side, as proper gear and 4 piece is needed.

I find demo to be fun summon felguard and tons of imps and demons to help you then you get a demon to increase your other demons dmg and how long the temporary imps stay.

I would say the one thing that is a bit of a downer for me is mage table I wish they had also given that to warlocks I like Mage food and do not like having to summon a table for myself or beg a mage for a stack. And making food via cooking yea not the same. I hate afflic locks with its dots destro was my main spec until they revamped demo into what it is.

And if warlock seems to be to much always mages