"Boosters" - why are you here?

Boosting is just one of the methods people use to streamline this legacy product, like using those hyper-focused levelling guides or mailing tons of powerful blue BoE’s to their alt. I’ve seen it done on other MMO’s like MapleStory where it becomes the norm, where it’s called ‘leeching’.
Ultimately it comes down to whether Blizzard thinks trivializing old content in a coordinated fashion with max-level characters is against the spirit of Classic. Part of the original game design was intentionally making it take forever to get to 60. They’d revise dungeons and make them longer to slow you down; systematic XP farming with max-level characters to skip the entire levelling curve in instanced, private and paid dungeons would 100% be hotfixed. Of course, we can’t be to blame for this; boosters exist because they’re allowed to. It’s a no-brainer not to abuse this defect in the levelling system while you still can.

I boost others because:

A) The Mara 1pull is a challenge and keeps you on your toes. High stakes means a mistake without a proper recovery is death. Keeps repetitive runs entertaining.

B) I make all the money I need for consumes and respecs doing it. Guaranteed cash every single time. Who wouldn’t do a ~100g an hour farm if they could?

Vanilla had powerleveling services as well. It wasnt as effective as now but there were many mages/hunters/paladins selling these services on my server in the last half of vanilla.
It was usually quite obvious when a toon was powerleveled since they would often struggle with basic class mechanics.

The mara pull seems to be the big exploit that bridges the gap from the SM to BRD/DM/ZG farms that we had in vanilla.

I do feel like old blizzard wouldve patched a fix for the mage mara exploit if it had been found back then.

As an example Warrior’s intimidating shout originally affected ALL targets in range and was beginning to be exploited so they nerfed it down to 5 targets.

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I have leveled several toons so it is mind numbing. I enjoy professions, raiding and bg’s. Sorry that I work, have family and friends and other hobbies so my time is limited

we don’t even know for sure if we are even getting TBC yet

Same reason they play retail; they don’t know why.


Actiblizzard likes money so that would be a good indicator. TBC deniers are laughable. Like they’d leave money on the table for the 3 people per server happy to hang out on a dead game.

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It’s almost like Classic has a playerbase of 500,000+ players that have different opinions on how to enjoy the game.

Imagine that.


Considering how massively successful Classic has been, TBC is a no-brainer. It’s literally a giant pile of free money waiting to be collected.


Lol. I’m not a denier. I’m just going by what Patrick Magruder and Patrick Dawson, the lead developers, have said on their official twitter accounts.

People play the game how they choose as long as Blizz’s rules are followed.
Whether you like it or not is not their problem and in all likelihood, don’t even CARE what you think.
Scream and rant all you want on a forum where 90% don’t even read, they will play how they want.

I don’t boost.

Bet you’re wrong. No reason to do the survey and when subs drop after naxx releases they’ll be looking to bump subs again.

If I’m wrong, the lead developers are wrong.

Some people are unwilling to accept that the classic devs are just curious. I’m sure the conversation went something like this.

Dev1: Let’s send out a survey asking people how they would like BC to be released.

Dev2: Why would we do that? We’re not releasing BC.

Dev1: I’m just curious.

Dev2: I’m kinda curious too. Let’s send it out.

not a “TBC deniers” all i said was we don’t know if they are going to for sure most likely they will but until blizz says so, it’s not a thing in my book

Imagine trying to project your own opinions on how people should enjoy a game on others and then arrogantly posing your opinion as a question.

How about you just let people play the way you want?

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Because Classic actually has a satisfying endgame. Retail does not.

I don’t know, and personally speaking, i don’t have an opinion on it other then they can play any game for any reason in any way they want to, along it’s not breaking the rules.


It’s rough BUT it is a challenge, you are always part of a broken machine

You mix it up a bit, your expenses are low so you never NEED money,you just farm what you want.