"Boosters" - why are you here?

One of the biggest criticisms of the retail game when people made repeated calls for Vanilla servers (or a return to that design ethos) was that it had become a lobby-game “raid simulator”, that the levelling process was too fast and brainless, and you could just round up a load of mobs and nuke them down in seconds, without any need to drink or eat.

Now … in the very game that was meant to get away from all that … people get OTHER PEOPLE to round up mobs and nuke them down for them, while they sit there doing nothing at the start of instances.

If everyone’s so eager to get to a satisfying endgame, why Classic? What’s the appeal of this game that you’re so keen to skip most of?


i speak for everyone when i speak my own personal opinion, and my opinion is: idk


All about prep for tbc. Classic is done.


I’ll take a stab at it.

The process isn’t very fun or meaningful after the fact. “end game” is the GAME and the leveling process is an extended tutorial, once you understand end game, why keep doing the tutorial?

Which begs the question, why is end game and the leveling process so different? End Game is highly coordinated large group activities BUT pre-endgame is small group/solo activity.

Full disclosure, I have never raided, I don’t even do dungeons. I level a toon and then I pug PvP and do small time farming, always have. I don’t get the attraction of raiders, doing the same static content over and over again, to get a virtual item that makes doing the same static content over and over again faster and easier, sounds super DULL!


The fun part of the leveling experience is the player interaction. Very few people actually cared, before or after release, about the quests themselves. The reason the leveling experience was so touted is because it provided an incredibly good vessel for players to meet and do things together while progressing their characters. For most players who played at launch it did all that and more and was an incredibly fun period of time.

Unfortunately after a while the pool of leveling players gets thinner and thinner as more people hit 60 and the player interactions that you can have while leveling becomes rarer. At that point all you have left is a series of stagnant quests that most people leveling an alt have already done. For the players who want to play with other people, endgame is a much nicer option as there is a much larger community and it is easier to play with others.


Because they pay the same subscription each month and play how they please?

Just a thought.


thats preposterous

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I’ve only got 2 level 60s and I leveled them both in the traditional way…however, I can imagine people on their 5th and 6th alt just want to get to 60.

I really enjoyed leveling on both but I don’t think I want to grind that out again. I enjoyed the interaction with others and the challenges when I was on my own. I imagine that fades with repetition.

I don’t do it but I understand it.

I have a hunch. Classic really was a push by greedy people who were out to take advantage of a hyped leveling experience that fell flat.

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There will be no TBC.

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That is such a toxic thing to say and it kind of gets my blood boiling when we fought for years and years for Classic servers and then we have raid loggers such as yourself saying “Classic is done” (Aka I raided, got my loots, now give me more content). Raiding was never the point of Classic servers. Raid loggers really need to just go play retail where they are meant to get continuous raid content. Classic is our time machine to relish in the game we grew up with and became addicted to, and then we have this small vocal minority pushing for new content and expansions. THAT’S NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT. Stop, just stop.


Wanna bet on that?

IMO, people who are not willing to play the game to level those alts to 60 do not deserve to have them reach 60. To me, that’s a core tenet of any RPG, including WoW.

In a game like say, Witcher 3, it doesn’t allow you to pay to skip to the end and have a high level character with which to do the final battle and see the ending cut scenes and credits, does it? Of course not, that would be cheating. WoW should be no different, and was not intended to be any different, IMO.

Boosting exists only through the use of exploitative gameplay and a corresponding lack of any live game management in Classic to fix and counter it. Like the world buff stacking exploit, if boosting would have become the norm in 2006, Blizzard would have almost certainly nuked it from orbit. It is only allowed to exist now because current Blizzard does not give a f about this game.


Blizzard developers on Twitter and Reddit have stated already that “Classic” is the 1-60 experience, and said the company has no intention of adding TBC to Classic WoW.

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When did they say this exactly? Like a year plus ago or more recently?

They are going to want to keep the subscriptions coming (not all Classic players will jump to retail and many are already getting bored, unfortunately) and are therefore likely to put out easy to release content to do so.

But then why send out a survey asking how would you like to see tbc launched?

If TBC isn’t a hard reset on a fresh servers, it’s going to be complete trash to play. If this material and gold inflation from rampant and unchecked botting and gold buying/sellilng makes into a TBC Classic server, then the result will be unplayable trash for 90% of that server.

If there isn’t some sort of fresh start option for TBC, meaning a transfer locked fresh server that NEVER opens up transfers, then don’t play it unless you’re the guy with 6+ figures of gold/mats.

Puging BGs can be downright TERRIBLE, and running laps farming sounds dull if you ask me. Ranking / Raiding is the only endgame to me.

As far as boosting. I mean it takes a lot of time to get to 60. If you can make it take less time, a lot of people will. I enjoy leveling but after doing quests, and dungeons twice to 60. Idk if I could do it again.

Different strokes, for different folks.

I’ll never understand the appeal for those that decide to play on PvP Servers. Likewise, they don’t understand why I (and others 'cause IK I’m not the only one) play on PvE Servers. Why do people play on RP Servers, when they don’t RP? (Though, I’m quite sad, that there’s only one single Normal Classic RP Server. I’ve already filled up all 10 Character slots. But, that’s another conversation to be had)

I just don’t worry about people playing the game differently than I do. They play how they want, and I’ll play how I want.

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Modern thinking. “Fighting” = posting on message boards and blizzard relenting to protect their intellectual property is akin to putting a sticker on your car. Lol.