boosted to 110 and no Garrison

End up in free fall? I didn’t do the 2 hour questline for the garrison on a boosted character, just do timeless isle cave to dock then fly to garrison spot. Then goto the coast where the boat is and do a quick 30 minute or so questline to get the level 1 garrision up.

There are 2 ways to start WoD, the quick way or the slow way. I only did the slow way on one character, but I don’t think you need to to open up the quick way.

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JFC THANK YOU!!! I just got a new char and I really wanted to explore this mechanic in wow and your the only one who gave a legit guide for horde. You have made my life insanely easier with this. Thanks again, a new wow player.

Update for 8.2.5+.

With the portal room feature, there is already a portal to Ashran which is the capital city of WoD. No need to do the Timeless Island method, and as a boosted char you already have all of the flight points.

After going through the portal, go to the flight master and fly to your garrison FP. Then go down to the beach and follow the rest of the instructions (as mentioned above).

This saves having to do the intro quests and several scenarios; which for a boosted char are a complete waste of time.

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Assuming the portal to Ashran is active for that character. Usually there there are some pre-reqs to activate.

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The pre-req for the portal to be activated is to do the quest to visit Ashran which is given to you right after you construct your garrison.

Is activation per char or per account?

Per char.

The minimum is to get to Draenor, get to the beach near the garrison site, and accept and complete the garrison construction quest chain.