Boosted Mages Have Taken over Zul'Furrak

To all the bananas who thought boosters wouldn’t use the boost and bought, go do “/who Zul’F”. Filled with 58 mages farming grays from the zombies. They run in and out like a train. What absolute bananas.

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I’m assuming you mean bot instead of “bought.” So tell me, how are you so sure these people are botting?

ZF is a nice gold farm and they could running their friends through the dungeon or something.

The “Who” list is not evidence of botting. It never is. It never will be.

Dude they are running in like a trail of ants all following the same path. They are bots.

Here is what Blizzard has to say about Bot detection:

They use powerful systems to prove botting. You can’t tell if someone is botting or not by just looking at the “Who” list. That’s a surefire way to action against completely legitimate players, which should be avoided at all costs.

I love these arguments.

Hate to break it to you but bots have been investing classic way before boosts came out rofl.

Go check how much gold your server has for sale.

My server alone has almost a BILLION gold for sale and this was all done way before boosts for put in.

How is this any different than the armies of 58’s that were swarming ZF in classic? In classic you could do the same /who and see the exact same thing. What exactly are you saying is different now?

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