Boomy/Feral Forced Choice on Essences


Pretty much. Its so much fun not having a niche anymore as a feral where you are actually wanted in a progression raid group. It really wants me to totally stay subbed to a game where i hardly log on anymore. You guys give us hope of having a chance of a kitty having a viable spot in a raid team and then you say its clearly going to be overpowered for pve…for who? Feral has been in a craptastic spot all this expansion as well as pretty much the beginning half of every expansion since cata. This happens every expansion and its getting really REALLY old.


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I bet a lot of people want the entire Mists buff matrix system back, where everyone brought some kind of raidwide benefit (although a lot of them overlapped without stacking). I’m not really clear on why they took it away at all, let alone why they then brought back individual pieces like PW:Fort or Arcane Int and made them class unique rather than “X, Y, or Z brings this buff”.

But if they’ve made the overall decision to have most classes not bring a buff/debuff that affects the whole raid, they definitely shouldn’t change that through a Heart essence, let alone one that can only be obtained in PVP. That would be a trainwreck of legendary proportions.

Baseline (or it would probably make more sense to bring back MotW in some form) or not at all.


It really seems to be lost on blizzard and whoever the Devs are for Druids.

Here is what feral brings:

  • Brez: Every other druid spec brings this and it doesn’t pop them out of form (if feral gets punished why not boomy?), And all DKs. Engineering can also semi-cover this.

  • The choice of a ST stun, AE knock back, AE roots: again, this is all covered by other specs too. Why bash isn’t baseline for feral/guardian is baffling.

  • Group wide speed burst: Guardian has a shorter CD, so does this better. This also is a very very niche use ability. Offers 0 throughput and rarely saves lives since most every spec has a personal boost for the rare times they need it.

  • Option to off heal with resto affinity. But guess what, we lose balance affinity which is really helpful for feral gameplay. So big trade off that balance druid doesn’t need to make at all…

What feral doesn’t bring that our other spec(s) bring: Treeants (huge M+ utility), Vortex (decent M+ utility and good pvp utility), Innervate (massive utility. Wouldnt be an issue if only resto had it but you gave balance it and not feral/guardian…)
The Innervate one is comical actually. I have raid members who swore I’ve been giving them Innervate in raids and are shocked I don’t even have it. Such an iconic druid ability.

It’s really insane to me how little feral offers compared to balance or our closest counter part rogues. For crying out loud, we don’t even get our feral charge (rogue shadowstep/grapple hook, warrior charge) baseline ! It’s incredible lmfao.

I would love for the druid Dev or any game dev to sit down with the feral community and explain why they personally feel feral is a valuable contribute to a M+ or Raid group. (we have value in PvP)

I honestly only play feral because I simply like it in pvp over most other classes.

Edit: the Tin Foil hat theory, which I used to deny but my friends have convinced me. Is that Druids are over represented and melee is over represented. To balance this, they keep ferals numbers tuned but leave it under tuned for utility. That way, not everyone is playing a druid since their healing and ranged spec are also strong. Feral/guardian get short end of stick as a result.

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Because every tank has a slow baseline?


I’m sad to say I hardly play anymore also. Blizzard’s decisions since cata have chased family and friends away and given me less and less reason to play particularly with my favorite spec. If they want a good place to start with ferals and honestly several other specs, they should start at wrath. The last time we weren’t hosed for a sizeable portion of an expansion and could shine if we knew what we were doing was wrath. In cata on we were nerfed into uselessness in PVP for a patch for being “annoying”. The nerfs got progressively worse through the expansions and for legion and BFA we have been mediocre if not hot garbage for almost half of each expansion. To make it even more interesting they even messed up our shifing which is now annoying and janky. It’s not smooth or fast or fun. It is all now on a GCD, slow as molasses and janky.

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Didn’t say that, now did I.

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Then why does guardian need one.

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Why was it taken away after it was baseline for years and years and years and years?

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Why was anything baseline taken away after years and years and years and years.

Reasons. You’re as likely to get that as anyone asking for things to be returned.

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Congratulations, another circular argument. You are very good at that. But I refuse to play. Have a good evening.

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Maybe the devs think feral is viable which it is i would agree the problem is the class/specs it goes up against to have a spot what they bring is more valuable then what feral brings. Though it does seem like they aren’t even trying anymore pretty sure they gave up trying on the whole class thing at this point. They are more then likely just going to let the specs rot until next xpac


Yeah. The thing is, our numbers are actually really solid. Solid raid dps. Really good AoE in M+ coupled with our good ST too. On paper we are actually pretty solid.

The whole problem comes around to our utility though. Even if we can out DPS or stay on par with them. We just don’t bring anything special that isn’t better brought from something else (by better brought I mean that another class or our other spec brings the same utility and more. With the same rough dps).

I’ve never heard someone say “oh yay a feral” or that they were happy we had a feral for x reason. This has been the case in all of Legion and BfA.

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Well, no. Not really good aoe.

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Our aoe is strong now i have at times (with reaping of course) hit over 100k dps Its definitely not the strongest but its nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Still really hate that talent row though its quite annoying to have to waste a talent on something that a lot of other classes just get naturally. Annoying to have to use brutal slash on single target fights cause otherwise you literally lose an entire talent row, Druids already have one less talent row then other classes as has been said by blizz devs many time already.


Its actually some of the best on large packs. Right up there with outlaw and DH. The AE rip scaling with certain azerite allows for some really good numbers.

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Almost every spec has “really good” scaling aoe. It is not right up there with dh and outlaw.

I’m more than aware that feral is far more capable than the average fool in the group finder thinks, but I am also aware of it’s limitations.


This isn’t a correct statement though lol. Not almost every spec? Especially for reaping where the packs get so huge.

So you may be getting confused on lower keys where things don’t live long enough. That’s where feral will perform about even with your “most” and get smoked by DH and outlaw, etc.

Much like our ST our AoE is not burst.

Regardless, arguing with you over this is totally moot. The point here, regardless of our numbers, is that feral needs comparable utility to balance or at least something unique to feral.

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Sylva, you don’t even do high keys. So this just feels unnecessary.

Pretty much everyone get’s smoked by them. That’s kind of the idea.

Which spec does not gain significant value from MT in situations such as massive reaping packs.


The remark of lower keys was not to insult you, I cannot see what you’ve run, but your logic isn’t catering to the fact that their is difference in our sustained vs burst AE. You’re trying to say feral is just “okay” in sustained AE and that’s not true. I never claimed to be pushing really high keys, but I at least run them frequently at a moderate level.

You really don’t know which classes are not strong sustained AE? I’ll name some we beat in sustained AE. (To directly answer your question. Marksman hunters and arms warrior both cater to medium sized packs particularly).
Subtely rogues, Assassination rogues (subtely has unique priority AE and Assassination is burst/short).
Marks hunter (great for 6 or less, but capped at 6). Survival hunter (very good burst, sustain still solid but we out perform longer pulls)
Arms warrior, great on up to 5 target AE, past that good burst AE but sustained we win out. Beat out fury warrior
Ret paladin (again, thney have better burst AE we have better sustained)

I think this covers all melee. Unless I’m being dumb. Ones I didn’t mention either beat us or we compete with. We obviously compete with ranged too, but I’m not going to go through the entire roster. Point is, we have strong sustained AE damage. I honestly don’t think this is news, but yeah. I seriously don’t know why it’s even a point of contention when this is a thread talking about our lack of utility. Which, regardless of numbers, is our biggest weakness.


Rogues would NUKE this entire post LOOL :joy: :joy: