Boomy/Feral Forced Choice on Essences

(Maizou) #41

Pets have no utility. Try again. All of their utility was removed in BFA. Try to keep up. And no, something like Mortal Strike, Movement Speed Reduction, etc. is not utility, otherwise Feral would be ripe with utility. Pets actual utility were removed.

And turtle isn’t an immunity. It makes us dodge attacks. Any currently DoTs on us still affect us, and MOST Area attacks still hit us. I’ve died to many boss attacks while Turtle was up.

If you want to count Windrush, then Feral gives Stampeding Roar. But you know, yes, let’s split hairs, cause I can go all day. Also, Cat Form moves as fast as Ghost Wolf, and you can attack while in Cat Form, but Shaman can’t in Ghost Wolf, but you know, you just disregard that.

Please, bring it, cause I can go all day.


Sigma, how about removing the nerf to feral BRez first. Then we can talk about whatever this is suppose to be. It looks interesting but it doesn’t look like it will do anything for those who have been benched. Ferals have needed some help around the utility department and the first thing you did is nerf utility.

(Martei) #43

When is stampeding roar ever needed every class has some on demand movement. Stampeding roar has got to be the worst utility. May have been good before all the classes had something.

Honestly i don’t expect much of this essence system usually they are so worried about balance like things that they are boring. This pvp essence is the legendary ring from last xpac.


Druids get favored as always seem to be the case, yet here they are complaining they aren’t being favored the way they want??

Meanwhile the Conflict & Strife perks for many other classes are utterly underwhelming, but at least those poor dears won’t feel burdened to complain about their Essence being annoyingly powerful.

Next we’ll have Rogues whinging that Smokebomb in PvE is excessively awesome.

(Maizou) #45

Please actually read my post before you respond. He was saying Enhancement Shaman at least have Windrush Totem for utility, so Feral need something else, as a reasoning for LotP.

My response was you already have Stampeding Roar, which is literally Wind Rush Totem.

Survival Hunter, Enhancement Shaman, and Feral Druid are all in the same boat - We are all melee that lack utility. So by saying Feral deserve Leader of the Pack because they lack utility but then you seem perfectly content with the fact hunters only get a minor buff to Feign Death and Shaman get crap is ridiculous.

Especially when LotP would make EVERY Raid MANDATORY to have a Feral Druid.


So is this essence meant to provide a PVP talent to PVE or a 4th PVP talent in warmode? Because you make it sound like the PVE potential is an afterthought, and this is meant to add an additional PVP talent to PVP. This is the first I’ve heard of this officially … all other descriptions of the C&E essence have been giving a PVP talent in PVE situations – and the backlash from non-PVPers has been because of that understanding.


I’m honestly not sure I care what they’re doing with that pvp talent. I just want ferals to be viable not benched and they started out this PTF nerfing more of our utility. The next time you need a rez with a feral in the group and don’t get it, you can thank 8.2 nerfs… you’re welcome. I realize a lot of specs need help and I am hoping they get some love. The difference is they still talk with you and will fix your spec at some point. We’re the ones who chose the “annoying” spec.

(Beefköw) #48

You shouldn’t have to wear a piece of gear to provide a raid-wide buff that was baseline in the past.

It’s just flat out wrong and bad design.


Excuse me, how is Leader of the pack “clearly overpowered” when other leather melee have Chaos Brand and Mystic Touch, without even having to give up an essence? Do you guys care about feral representation in raids in any way? This is so incredibly disheartening.


So devs can address most UH dk pve problems by putting Abomination talent in but they put necrotic strike instead

I’m speachless

(Fehnris) #51

How about you give feral LOTP baseline then so we bring something to raids.


yeah I think hunters, ret paladins and several others understood this well…

Can we please for once not say “it’s not going to be necessary in pve” and with sims and several other things such as gear, player,ms turns out it’s very necessary… I don’t get paid to track such things as this but time and time again players shown that when you guys say “you don’t really need this” it turned out to be the EXACT opposite…

while I havent played the game for some months now, checking 8.2 and seeing what choices certain classes get… (also that 8.2 essences literally wont fix ANY of the lack of class design in general, more generic buttons for everyone and call it a day) I wont be returning for 8.2 it’s unfortunate but I really started to say NO to things that don’t give me fun or I’m not pleased to play with.

If you gonna give “utility abilities” to certain classes and other get straight damage buffs such as crit or SP, then give the other classes the same otherwise just give everyone the same thing like you did with most of the classes.


This right here is the problem, players attacking each other instead of actually attacking the developers who have continuously shown that they don’t care what the playerbase thinks.


This essence should just provide another pvp talent for warmode, it should not be active in PvE instanced environment for the sake of the crude imbalancing, such as LoTP for feral, and Moonkin aura for balance, It’s a nightmare to balance and very much so required, It’s not “Spice up your instances with a pvp talent” It will come down to, Does X do more for the raid than Y essence, in both of these cases, this is true, which should not be seeing as this essence looks to assist PvP, If it sticks, so be it, but know you’re going to be delegating a mandatory feral for LOTP, and one of the moonkins in your raid will be “A crit buff” at a massive cost to their own performance as a character which won’t feel fun to them, I wouldn’t go forward with this, the essence should provide LOTP and Moonkin aura because they’re used, and the most dominant PvP honor talents, but this essence as a whole, should not affect pve whatsoever, It’s clearly not designed for it.


What’s not fun is fighting tooth and nail just to have a place in a raid. Something the devs don’t seem to care about at all. Feral at this point isn’t even treated like the other druid specs the only druid spec that has to come out of form to cast brez. No reason for it they are just sitting quiet ignoring everyone asking about this hoping people will forget about it. I want to post some seriously rude stuff directed toward them right now knowing full well it won’t change anything. They are flat out treating feral different from all the other druid specs it’s very clear it’s being treated as the ugly duckling at this point. Only spec that can’t cast brez in form and nobody can figure out why this is and they won’t even say anything either. Just sit quiet eventually they will just accept it, just like they did with the class mounts that had a massive thread going and they never commented in. You know the class mount that druids can’t use in relative content until the final patch of each xpac.

This has gotten to a point for me where it’s not even about leader of the pack as it is about why feral is treated like it’s not a part of the druid class even now. Could you imagine if one spec of rogue could no longer use one of its class defining abilities no stealth for outlaw… Brez has become a form of punishment for feral now. And this is a punishment for a class ability an ability that is supposedly a defining ability for the class.


I have a good idea guys

Remove shroud baseline from rogues and add it back in as a pvp talent through this essence, wonder how the rogues would respond ?

(Ryecoke) #57

Giving Leader of the Pack back to a spec that is largely undesired and desperately needs a unique raid utility is “problematic”.

Giving flat 5% raid damage buffs to certain specs who are already desired to make them even more desirable is not.

How disappointing.


This is so incredibly sad to hear. Your first thought of which talent would be problematic for ferals to bring to PvE is LotP?! Why wouldn’t your first thought be the 16% reduction to total health?

Feral brings such incredibly poor unique utility to PvE as is. Everything we bring is better brought by our other specs (because they bring the same and significantly more).

LotP is something feral could bring and be valuable. You let DH and Monk bring group buffs that no one else can bring, but the thought of feral bringing something similar is shut down immediately? Come on.

I know you’ve admitted the monk/DH buff is problematic too, but nothing is being changed? So instead of evening the playing field, you leave it till next xpack?

I don’t understand your logic. Instead of improving the classes (and it’s not just feral) who bring little to no unique utility, you leave them to rot for an entire xpack (or multiple like feral). When you have a spec that hasnt been represented in any decent sort of number in either raids/M+/pvp for several years now, like feral, you’d think you’d address it?

(Edit: I know in legion and BfA you’ve fixed our rotation and numbers when they were an issue. But in neither xpack have you addressed ferals overall useless toolkit. Number wise we are okay. The value we bring to groups? Very very very poor. Better off rolling balance or rogue)


You do know that the vast majority of talents we get to choose from are forced if we want to play the spec, there is very very little choice.


Get ready for more of that in patch 9.0 when they need to add more ‘customization’ with talent rows by removing more baseline abilities/passives