Boomy/Feral Forced Choice on Essences

(Nuisense) #17

We all know that this should be baseline. Not on an essence. Just like Guardians should have a slow baseline, not forced to take an essence to have one baseline. You don’t “balance” a class/spec by giving them things they need to be relevant in content on gimmick gear. You balance them baseline and then add in the gimmicks. I’ve said that many times over the past year. Again and again Blizzard returns to this same basic mistake.

If you really can’t see why this is BAD for balance, then you really don’t belong in this conversation. The question isn’t that this is good. The question is WHY is it on an essence that will take up a slot that no one else has to sacrifice. Thereby putting any Druid who slots this in at a disadvantage to all other dps’ers. Now, you’ll say “But you will be DESIRED in groups!” You are completely correct. If I PvP. If I give up any better personal option. If I go farm something that should be part of my spec baseline that provides utility to the raid/group.

Here’s a way to look at it that you may get. Think of this Essence as the old Mangle debuff. You have 4 Druids in your raid who can use it. Which one gets to be the Mangle %$^&@? It’s the same thing. It’s the return of being THAT guy/gal. The butt of all the dps jokes. Sure, you are providing an invaluable service (I can’t help but think it is while you are on your knees) to the raid. But it shouldn’t be costing you THAT much in comparison. Should be baseline.

(Sefirosuwar) #18

Could be worse you could have got the affliction essence -
ITS A DPS LOSS to take it - it brings no benefit to the raid and you hurt your own damage.
SO be happy with what you have.


I saw that resto druid got the pvp essence which provides instant huge single target healing

while resto shaman got something laughable like silence immunity during SWG ?

(not) looking forward to another M+ season of total resto druid domination


Yeah, we get the silence immunity, LOL. Its actually hilarious. Meanwhile from what I’ve seen thus far, every other healing specs trait has offered something for actual healing output, aside from resto shammy. At least we’ll have an interrupt immunity on a high cd for quaking weeks!! Woohoo!

Resto druid got nourish which is actually complete bull!^%#. At this point i dont even think blizz is attempting to even balance M+ healer representation. We are at about 70% Resto druid representation for all keys completed above +20, by this point next season that will be well over 80%.


ya pretty much

  • brez imbalance among healers not addressed
  • resto druid mastery imbalance in 5 mans not addressed
  • insane survivability, mobility and mobile healing of resto druids not addressed

and now they got a great essence to cover up their one possible 5 man weakness, that being sudden unpredictable massive damage to a single person

here on my holy priest i’m looking forward to these things again

  • literally dying instantly to anything that is both painful and unavoidable (lots of trash and bosses with such things still in BFA), or situations that are avoidable BUT the window to avoid it very small such that running speed is NOT sufficient
  • near zero mobile healing outside of holy words
  • no baseline mobility, I hate angelic feathers
  • requiring a DK/warlock/druid in all of my groups because I can’t brez

(Sigma) #22

The chosen abilities in PTR data are not final. In particular, the ones that would clearly be overpowered or problematic in PvE (such as Leader of the Pack) are generally cases where the final decision of which PvP Talent to give hasn’t yet been made.

The primary goal of Conflict and Strife is to provide an interesting choice in PvP by allowing access to an extra PvP Talent. It’s not necessarily going to be a strong option for PvE. The acquisition of this Essence is via PvP, and is totally optional for PvE-focused players. While there may be interesting PvE uses for some of the choices, it is not expected to be a strong competitor on usual PvE criteria (like total throughput) on every spec.

New pvp essences for Lock
Conflict and Strife Essence
Likeliness of mage buffs in 8.2?
Rets now have undispellable Freedoms lol
(Liger) #23

We’ve been asking for those buffs for pve for a long time now. We want Leader of the Pack BACK for PVE.


You should know anything that gives players an increase in power and a near guaranteed spot in high end content groups, is not going to be viewed as optional. I think you should get ahead of this potential problem now, before pushing something live that causes an uproar and you’re forced to take action after the fact.

(Rayen) #25

Then please gives LOTP back into feral spec for PVE. I was excited to actually bring something worthwhile in terms of unique utility to raid-even at the cost of personal dps. Feral NEEDS a unique ability (besides roar…that is shared with bear-and bear’s is better) otherwise we’re often completely overlooked via community perception and laughed at. Rerolling moonkin is not an option if you are a melee focused player and I shouldn’t have to roll DH or Monk or Rogue to get a raid spot simply because of mechanics that can be cheesed or a buff that can be given. Feral less represented across the board because we bring nothing of ‘worth’ to a raid environment when compared to other melee specs.

I want to feel important in a raid playing the SPEC and Class I love-Feral has been lacking that this entire expac.

(Sefirosuwar) #26

While I appreciate the information and clarity to some of these choices not being final.

It is very frustrating to see the choices being made that appear to have zero thought or reason behind them .
example why you would chose to give AFF the one choice that is actually a DPS loss and not even selected in PVP.
Giving us an essence that supposed to be interesting as a 4 the talent sounds great but giving us a NERF talent as a essence - #feelsbadman.

(Bertimus) #27

Dude you guys seriously have to do better with marks hunters in this part of the game. We have been throwing the same feedback at you all expansion, and the best you can do is give all 3 specs survival tactics? How many thousands of pages worth of constructive feedback about the matrix of control/mobility/non-damage utility for marksmanship have to be submitted before y’all are willing to put some effort into it? You can’t even do scatter shot? I’m sorry but this is really bad.

We’re now ~9 months into the expansion and representation has hovered near 0 for marks. The entire time. It is not just going to get there organically. You guys have to listen to us at some point. Things like scatter baseline and off trap dr, binding shot on a useable (i.e. non-postehaste) talent row, and readiness (pvp talent) are along the lines of what we need. Imagine fire mage right now without DB, nova(s), shimmer, temp, and cauterize. That’s essentially what marks is, except with more casting.

(Liger) #28

Ferals really want Leader of the Pack back for the crit buff (we don’t need the healing buff that comes with it if that’s what’s making it overpowered). We want to be able to bring utility to raids and mythic+s.


Ferals need Leader of the Pack. This is a wonderful band aid until it becomes baseline for the spec!


(Felryn) #30

glad pve’ers can have such a choice

so when is pve gear not going to be absolute BiS in pvp?


Know what would be fun (a concept I feel as if blizzard has forgotten all about)?

  1. If a PVP talent could be chosen in PVE at all times and pvp talents were balanced around this (besides requiring an essence to use).

  2. Some talents like leader of the pack etc were made base line such as the days of cataclysm when each class had a buff or debuff provided to the party or raid. Similar to the situation in BFA but spread amongst all classes so a decent comp can be made (right now 1 demon hunter is required per raid for the debuff and not for their other qualities).


But if you make them all trash talents then no one will use it, it has to be competitive because in many cases even in PvP it wouldn’t be used over something that offers a strong DPS advantage. This has always been the case, with the exception of when overtuned Tank and Healing trinkets have been available.

It should just give a good PvP damage ability, but not a raid buff. Something that can be competitive with other neck traits, but also at the same time not mandatory.


Huge bummer, was pretty excited about getting moonkin aura.

(Maizou) #34

Survival, Enhancement, etc. also lack any form of unique utility to the raid. Feral is far from the only melee that does not bring unique utility to the raid. Hell, Feral brings battle res, which survival/enhancement do not. And before you say “You can bring Heroism!” So can you. From the Auction House. Something we can’t do for Battle Res.

They’re not going to give a single spec a 5% Crit Buff. They’re moving away from “Bring the Class, not the Player”

They stripped buffs and battle res from hunters at the same time they stripped things like Leader of the Pack from you specifically for this reason. If they EVER give Leader of the Pack to Feral, they better give hunter pets all of our buffs/debuffs and battle res back, otherwise they are massive hypocrites.

If anything, they need to spread out the EXISTING utility to another class each. There’s no reason they should be locked to a single class each.


Shroud to Priests and possibly Demon Hunters. (Wrap the Party in Void Essence/Darkness)
Attack Power to Death Knights (Horn of Winter).
Stamina to Druids. (Mark of the Wild).
Intellect to Warlock. (Fel Intelligence)
Physical Damage Debuff to Hunters. (Expose Weakness)
Magical Damage Debuff to Shaman. (Elemental Wrath) (the only one without a prior existing buff/debuff)

This gives every class some form of utility, (I count Paladin blessings as utility), and removes the rogue’s shroud as a unique skill so every M+ group isn’t forced to carry at least one rogue, and can actually mix up their group composition.

(Liger) #35

You can bring a brez! Engineers can do it.

(Maizou) #36

Yes, with a 5 second cast time, in melee range, that gets constantly interrupted if you get hit.