Boomy/Feral Forced Choice on Essences

(Shiru) #1

With the newest PvP Essence, Boomies and Ferals will be forced to always take this essence since both are raid buffs that no other spec brings, and we’ll be forced to use it practically on all content, Mythic+, Raids and RBGs. 12% raid Spell crit and 5% melee crit on the raid completely trumps all other essences. On Boomy this just shows how few actual dps pvp talents we have available that you could place on this essence, since you removed Celestial Downpour, Crescent Burn is not a good PvE talent playwise and the rest are all survivability talents.

A more interesting choice would be an Essence that allows you to pick an additional talent from your PvE tree.

(Drezwazluz) #2

The PvP talents have no requirement to affect damage.

You say this like you wouldn’t already be essentially pigeonholed into specific essences. The biggest difference is this is so strong because it affects everyone, and will make a feral and/or balance druid near-required for mythic prog. That’s a more valid issue.

(Shiru) #3

I understand that, but if you look at Moonkin PvP talents, there are no other options that could compete against current Essences, and that to me reflects a class design issue with this particular Essence, besides the obvious overpoweredness of these 2 raid buffs and removing Essence choice to moonkins and ferals.

(Drezwazluz) #4

Other specs got pure utility or mobility talents, so having a dps component is clearly not a requirement.

(Sím) #5

Well they gave Destruction Warlocks their Armor talent.

Why not just give Boomkin their armor talent instead of the spell crit one then?


The feral PVP essence talent is very bad for feral overall because while other DPS will get to chose essences that give real DPS increases, feral will be 100% taking LotP for other people. So when others are taking essences that increase their overall damage, feral is getting one that only gives 5% crit to themself and benefits the rest of the raid. So while you will help out your group, you will be significantly behind in overall damage due to being forced into the pvp essence. LoTP itself is good, but adding it as an essence is very negative for feral despite “helping the team.” Feral will basically be buffing everyone while disabling themself damage-wise.

(Drezwazluz) #7

And?! This essence is incredibly strong, the healing is insane for being purely passive and the crit is massive for more than a few specs.

I’m so sorry you don’t get to look good on meters, I guess feral will just have to get over it by using the tissues of being essentially required for progression raiding?


Sure, the essence is strong, but it effectively nerfs feral compared to other specs. Honestly, the difference in damage between taking the PVP essence and any other essence will likely be large enough that you won’t see feral in high tier raiding regardless, because if feral is still doing 26k while other specs are doing 35k, you just won’t take feral because the difference is too large and the crit buff isn’t enough. And if you don’t take LoTP you’re basically trolling as feral.

(Drezwazluz) #9

That’s not how math works.

And feral is already one of the best boss damage specs, and it brings roar. This would be more than enough to make it pretty damn desirable.


If feral is considered pretty damn desirable already then why do groups never look for a feral? Why do ferals not get accepted to things like m+? Why are people who play feral asked to go boomie even if the group doesn’t have too much melee?

And even if feral was already desirable like you say, why do we need a raid buff to make us required?

(Bobbydígital) #11

because of lack of utility , which is what this essence would address and then some.

(Drezwazluz) #12

Why do pugs blindly search for only meta spec without understanding?

I mean, that’s self explanatory, isn’t it.

Probably for the same reason affliction and sub are garbage in m+? Boss damage is nearly irrelevant.

These groups sound awesome.

Do you not know what a demon hunter is?

(Shiru) #13

That’s exactly the point, they are so strong that we won’t never get a chance to use the other +10 essences that are supposed to be designed to BE used, otherwise why design so many essence if we will always be choosing the same one in all circumstances.

(Drezwazluz) #14

Because there’s more specs than just feral…?

(Shiru) #15

Then essences should have been spec specific and not role related per their intended design. Or just remove the essences and give us the talent because we’re not really choosing?

(Drezwazluz) #16

The idea that you think you were going to choose to begin with is laughable.

There was always going to be a best essence. Choice is never not an illusion when talking about being optimal.

This one just benefits others as much as yourself, instead of all you. Oh, the humanity.

(Nuisense) #17

We all know that this should be baseline. Not on an essence. Just like Guardians should have a slow baseline, not forced to take an essence to have one baseline. You don’t “balance” a class/spec by giving them things they need to be relevant in content on gimmick gear. You balance them baseline and then add in the gimmicks. I’ve said that many times over the past year. Again and again Blizzard returns to this same basic mistake.

If you really can’t see why this is BAD for balance, then you really don’t belong in this conversation. The question isn’t that this is good. The question is WHY is it on an essence that will take up a slot that no one else has to sacrifice. Thereby putting any Druid who slots this in at a disadvantage to all other dps’ers. Now, you’ll say “But you will be DESIRED in groups!” You are completely correct. If I PvP. If I give up any better personal option. If I go farm something that should be part of my spec baseline that provides utility to the raid/group.

Here’s a way to look at it that you may get. Think of this Essence as the old Mangle debuff. You have 4 Druids in your raid who can use it. Which one gets to be the Mangle %$^&@? It’s the same thing. It’s the return of being THAT guy/gal. The butt of all the dps jokes. Sure, you are providing an invaluable service (I can’t help but think it is while you are on your knees) to the raid. But it shouldn’t be costing you THAT much in comparison. Should be baseline.

(Sefirosuwar) #18

Could be worse you could have got the affliction essence -
ITS A DPS LOSS to take it - it brings no benefit to the raid and you hurt your own damage.
SO be happy with what you have.


I saw that resto druid got the pvp essence which provides instant huge single target healing

while resto shaman got something laughable like silence immunity during SWG ?

(not) looking forward to another M+ season of total resto druid domination


Yeah, we get the silence immunity, LOL. Its actually hilarious. Meanwhile from what I’ve seen thus far, every other healing specs trait has offered something for actual healing output, aside from resto shammy. At least we’ll have an interrupt immunity on a high cd for quaking weeks!! Woohoo!

Resto druid got nourish which is actually complete bull!^%#. At this point i dont even think blizz is attempting to even balance M+ healer representation. We are at about 70% Resto druid representation for all keys completed above +20, by this point next season that will be well over 80%.