Boomkin PvP

How are balance druids getting 30-70k starsurges? I don’t seem to hit that hard on my boomkin

In what game mode? Under what circumstances? Buffs? Debuffs? Berserking? Post on your main? Etc. etc. etc.

When you ask questions like that you should post the on your druid so people can review your gear and also say what game mode as some gamemodes like BGS have 30% damage multiplier buffs you can pick up.

Ok so, loaded question since you posted zero context.

In arenas you aren’t hitting any 70k surges no matter what you do. As a full haste Kyrian boomy, the standard, you’ll top out at like mid/high 20’s buffing your partner or like low 30’s buffing yourself.

If you stacked full mastery and buffed yourself or even went mastery and played night fae you could likely hit 40k but you’d be gimmicky to say the least and absolute dog tier outside of cds.

Now in bgs or something if you went full mastery and also we’re hitting an orb carrier in temple or flag holding tank or something you may get some numbers that are high, especially when you take the besetting buff into account. Bgs also allow for team buffs like dark arch, arcane int, dh’s magic buff, etc.

In rated pvp though under normal circumstances 30k is about the absolute ceiling. And we’re talking crits of course.

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Obviously, this guy is a troll trying to get boomkins nerfed.

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Saltwater potion + berserking buff

Oops, sorry. I made the post quickly between things. Flapz answered my question. Thanks!

It was about random BGs. Haven’t really been playing against many boomkins in Arena. It’s happened to me twice now. The highest was around 70k. It surprised me. I was playing a tank (so that is a modifier), but I did not have an orb/flag. Perhaps they used saltwater potion or something.


dont tanks take like 40-50% more damage or something silly, On top of the fact its a bg and they can pick up 20% damage buf or whatever zerker is now days.