Boomkin Passive - “Mycology”

Let me cook for a second.

Imagine a Boomkin passive called “Mycology”.
Every X amount of seconds while in combat a mushroom will sprout within 10 yards of the druids location. Allies who eat the mushroom will gain HP/Mana & a random secondary stat bonus for X amount of seconds.


Hey Voodood,
I honestly like the core of the concept, but think this particular effect fits more with Resto Wild Mushrooms rather than Balance. I think an awesome solution for this can be as follows:
Resto Druids can choose between Efflorescence and Mycology (healing version of Boomy Wild Mushroom used on allies), and Balance Druids can choose between the current Wild Mushrooms and ‘Solar Mushroom’ - an offensive version of Efflo that deals damage, slows and generates a tiny bit of Astral Power. So, basically a staying Wild Mushroom with a larger radius. Idc if it even costs some AP or has a cooldown, it just needs to have a large AoE.

I’m gonna post this as a suggestion in-game! :slight_smile:

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