Boneless wings are NOT wings

I’ve never tried something labeled as boneless wings. I’d have to try one to judge because wing meat has a specific texture.

Well, the quality of boneless wings is generally better too lol, all breast meat no stringy tendons or veins

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Skinless, boneless chicken thighs are good. I marinade them for a awhile then cook in the oven. Usually in a spicy bbq sauce.

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Wings are wings, dang it.

Imagine paying for bone that you can’t eat, when you could just eat nuggies and tendies instead.

Wings are garbage food for uncultured heathens. Nuggies for life.


Buffalo wings come from tiny buffalo

you are correct, bonless wings are not wings, but

why in the world would I want to eat around bones with nasty veins and cartilege when I can just munch on some tasty boneless wings instead?

Why can’t they be big buffalo with tiny wings?


lol wut, nothing even slightly manly at all about eating wings … it’s a piece of garbage that in rugged times was just discarded because without sauce it’s worthless. Eating wings is as manly as eating cake frosting, or as manly as making the original post lol.

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cake frosting is delicous


Probably used for stocks back in the day.

Agreed. Won’t even eat that stuff. Bone gives it mucho flavor too.

Yeah gonna have to agree with you. Plus I don’t really see manly as a positive thing anymore. I’d rather have something taste good than be perceived as manly by some random on the internet.

I 100% agree with this post and i feel GD needs more posts like it. Ty OP.

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Yea, people shouldn’t be dissing on cake frosting.

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Personally I have to give props to whomever convinced people to pay a premium for the scrub end of a chicken.


Hot Pockets Are Not Gourmet

You are eating a greasy, rubbery-meat, gross cheese calzone, damn it!

Have some self respect. Make your own food like a normal person.

man, you would hate new york then. by law, fried chicken is considered a sandwich. i don’t even understand how that law got passed.

eat a smoked chicken wing while its warm, it will change your life.

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