Bonedust Brew needs to be removed

Or at least renamed…

I feel like thematically it doesn’t fit within the monk lore whatsoever. It’s clearly a leftover of shadowlands/the afterlife and imo just doesn’t belong in dragonflight.


I agree. It doesnt fit our theme, nor our rotation. WoO works for me, but Bonedust just doesnt feel right. On Brewmaster it makes no sense. Why are both of our bottom side talent abilities about damage? Totally doesnt work. Honestly if they replace that with some kind of healing or stagger removal, BrM spec could be saved. It seems like they are removing it for Mistweavers, so that is a good sign.

Would be cool if they removed it altogether imo. Brm is a mess of a spec rn which is unfortunate since I do enjoy the rotation despite it being a tad bloated

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I agree, dumb ability. It goes away for mistweaver soon.

Mistweaver Monk Dragonflight Talent Calculator - 10.0.5 PTR (

I personally enjoy having to use 15 globals to setup doing the DPS equivalent of most tank classes smashing their forehead on the keyboard.


Nearly none of you are monk mains… 300 IO and 700IO trying talk about a class talent they bave 0 idea how to use. Please stick to youre class and dont ruin the fun for us monk players.


Delete it for WW. Put the damage back into MotC.

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That is super lazy… If you cant burst into youre bonedust brew just say it

I can, but counterpoint, BDB is lazy.

BDB is basically sloppy seconds/thirds at this point. Just super recycled. It’s a shell of what it was in SL, which was basically a shell of Multistrike from WoD, but crap because it’s weaker than it was in WoD on a CD in a spec that doesn’t need more CDs considering we now have like 3 to 5 to manage depending on how you count it. It’s just adding one more button to our burst windup, and doesn’t really change our playbook.


If you’re concerned about laziness, then Blizz could always bring back RSK damage debuff (and delete FLS and DoCJ’s damage buff for good measure) as a talent as we could have buffed MotC and RSK damage debuff to double mark things for AoE. Honestly, this sounds more interesting than what we have now.

BDB is 1 min CD… after the dots off its 50 secs? Their isnt much to manage… u have ur clones practically everytime u press it… You’d rather trade Burst CDs for Dots and MotC dmg?.. might as well just give us a baby bottle while they butcher our class. I agree it is a SL spell but near every other class/spec has “sloppy” 2nds or 3rds all in their talent tree… which doesnt seem to be an issue to anyone… 1min Cds and 2 min cds arent cds you have to worry about managing imp its super easy… I personally would not trade burst cds for some dots or motc stack dmg seeing they buffed FoF… they are gapping monks who just want the dmg (through dots and pesky buffs) and monks who enjoy the mastery dmg effects modified by other talents bursting into a short 10 second window ( able to down a pack of 5 super fast)

Yes. RSK damage debuff ain’t a DoT. Back in MoP it increased damage taken from us by the target by like 10-20%, and we can RSK a lot now even in AoE. If MotC got buffed back to Legion levels + RSK damage debuff, our AoE would be nuts. Literally no one could compete. Imagine SCK doing DoCJ proc damage, but stronger, consistently so long as you’ve set up.

That’s laughable compared to our old strength. We could clear entire sections of dungeons super fast with buffed MotC.

1000% true but they AoE capped us in SL and cleared alot of “bugs” that made us who we are… We still dominate in M+… i have 213k hp and i out dps Evoker dps with 270ish k hp

And that’s the big hypothetical. Would AoE cap even matter, if our damage was just blasting that high?

It is a shame what they did to us over the years i will admit hit removing a short burst cd would dry the class at the point we are at

If ur talking about MOTC damage and wanting more out of it… AOE capping us hinders that if you are fighting 8-15 mobs or whatever

I feel like that’s just a symptom of the larger issue that is the mess that is the bottom section of our spec talent tree. So much bloat. FLS’ little branch of the tree could be condensed into just RSK damage debuff because the only reason people take FLS is for ST/the damage debuff from the second talent. BDB’s little branch of the tree is just stuff that is used to prop up our AoE that they mega gutted.

I’m well aware. But if MotC got returned to say Legion levels, would it really matter? 50% damage a stack. At 8 targets, it’s 400% to SCK. At 15 it’s 750%. Does the cap to SCK realistically matter at that point?

Which is why i wouldnt commit into the talents after bdb or fls and go with Invokers Delight for a “lust”every 2 BDBS… 20 minute dungeon is 20 BDBs (avg) with 10 xuens ( 10 times gaining a 33% haste buff which goes very wel with Bdb and crane kick procs) where most our damage is

I don’t either, but the fact remains that they exist as bloat (among other things) in lieu of what could really boost our spec further while providing a change in dynamic to how we approach our dps.

I guess you enjoy the FSK playstyle more which is understandable… monks can be played in more than 1 way… too bad blizzard decided to recycle SL covenant spells into the next expansion and kinda yolo their way into things… but hey, whats news