Bonechewer Rogue LFActive Guild


Hey all, just came back to WoW after a 10+ year break and im ready to get back to raiding. Played from the start, Molten core vet all the way thru the start of Pandaria. Raided with a few big guilds like Vis Maior, Eye Candy, Ascended, and more. Point is i was a valuable member to any raid i joined, and as new as i may seem to current raids, im competent, and willing to learn this new WoW.

Ive always been a Rogue at heart, and thats most likely going to be my raiding toon.
Friday/Sat/Sun would be my most active days, but i also have a few hrs before work during the weekdays if needed.

I just hit lvl 120 on my fresh rogue, and ill continue to grind rep and gear. So if you are a guild looking for members at the very least with POTENTIAL, im ur guy.

Any questions, feel free to ask.